Saturday, April 30, 2011

F*ck Respect

Every so often some tree hugging l*beral stands on a soapbox and states how we should treat all people with respect; even those canine b*ll-licking theists. What the h*ll is up with that?

Little d*ckless pig-f*cking bastards have their heads stuck so far up their collective *sses that only a proctologist could find them.

Why should I show these cr*tins any respect? Waste of my time, day in day out, talking to creatures less intelligent than the local pot bellied p*g. G*d is great, yeah right, and the holocaust was just f*cking awesome. Pimpled *ss little b*stards spouting the destruction of a world from their leather bound S & M mistress; take these orders you stupid p*ke.

Willfully ignoring life's beauty, because the only f*cking thing they are concerned with is death. Yeah death, that's it for the pompous big*ts that infest this earth. Pin headed pr*cks without one redeeming feature; unless procreating with these animals is a plus. Actually, it's a good thing there are so many human animals, the sheep get a free ride. (Unless it's a southern chr*stian c*nservative, then all bets are off).

What mind bending reason is there to not go to your local church on sunday and p*ss on its walls, they've been p*ssing on mankind for generations. Just because they haven't stoned anyone lately we should give the intellectually impaired a free ride? B*llshit, smack the b*tches whenever you get a chance, the only way to keep their smarmy *sses in line.

You want to be an accommodationist? What the h*ll is wrong with you? What respect can be given to that which destroys the earth while raping it for all the profits it can grab. Tax the institutions, parody the pre*chers, be loud and proud. Talk about what a disease the ch*rch is. Its warped sh*t for brains minds that hold society in rusty barbaric shackles. F*ck them.

Have a nice f*cking day.

Thanks to Michel for turning another one of my useless rants into a much more amusing blog with his excellent editing. =)

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  1. because some of these open-hearted, open-headed people think that all opinions are valid... no matter how fucking wrong they are. (

    It's what they do to keep feewings from getting hurt. It's pretty spineless, but the problem with trying to "accept everyone" in order to prevent people's low self-esteem to lead them to hanging thmselves from their staircase, they begin accepting the stupid into their fold.