Friday, April 8, 2011

Budget This

As the federal government gets ready to shut down, the reasons for the shutdown should be made clear. Conversatives can posture all they want, but the riders that have been attached to the budget bill is what is keeping it from being approved.

Conservatives don't care about fiscal responsibilities. More money in their pockets is the only goal, that and shifting policy radically to the right. The riders are the same old culture wars. I think everyone needs a good list showing that these politicians are bought and paid for.

Here's a quick list to wet your appetite. First to protect Wallstreet, Sec. 1517 puts a cap on funds for the new Consumer Protection Bureau. Nothing new there, we know conservatives are here to help, just not help you. 

Then this oddity, 4046 prohibits funds for a government sponsored "consumer complaints database." Heh, wonder what the hell that is about.

A fairly comprehensive list is compiled here.

As for the environment, riders prohibit funds for the Wetlands Reserve Program, the Conservation Stewardship Program, the Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act, for various environmental projects in CA, for a climate change czar, to regulate greenhouse gasses, protecting public natural spaces and more.

Major attacks on the environment, if it was up to conservatives americans would be breathing toxic air and drinking out of the sewers. How fast can these corporate whores destroy the country? Even a large part of the Richard B. Russel National School Lunch Act that rests on the premise that we should improve the nutrional health and well being of children; possibly gone if conservatives get their way.

Americans love to get slapped with lies, we come back again and again.

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