Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tripping on Soy

Nobody get excited, this is not a vegetarian/omnivore post, I'll irritate you another time on that subject.

I did recently turn vegan, just to see what effect it would have on my health; basically I'm my own guinea pig. Being a vegetarian for years I thought that giving up eggs and cheese would be fairly easy.

I was so wrong.

Possibly the cheese and eggs were enough to satisfy any craving for meat products I might have had. Now, I'm trying to find foods to keep me comfortable. I have bought dairy replacements for butter and dairy, have not for cheese. No eggs makes for, at least so far, not a varied breakfast.

Started using a few products that mimic meat, makes for a fast meal at times. I have simulated breakfast sausage, Italian sausage and hunks of a meat looking substance to throw on skewers and grill. Not that I need to replace meat, but I do need to replace convenience every so often.

FYI, just to keep all things fair, I do kick and beat the fake meat before I use it.

My first trip to the store last weekend was productive in searching for replacements. As I used them through the week I noticed a common theme, everything was soy based. Soy milk, soy butter, soy creamer and soy in all the fake meat products. Not all were organic, and since much is genetically modified, it makes for an unhappy vegan.

Too much of anything isn't good for anyone. The only fun thing I hear, (from Jean Marie), is that massive soy intake may enlarge male breasts. Can't wait to shop for a couple of training bras, I'm sure the ladies department clerks will be thrilled with my input.

Soy milk tastes like beans, doesn't work well in anything but cooking. Acceptable on cereal, but not much good for anything else. Soy creamer, sweetened bitter beans. Soy butter was again okay, but still had that aftertaste of beans.

This week I went out and searched harder for products. Now I have non-dairy milk that is made from coconuts, the only ingredient listed. Good stuff. Have another Earth Balance butter replacement that is vegan made without soy, much better. Bought hemp milk, have not tried that yet; not sure if I should drink it or poke a couple of holes in it and smoke it.

My point is, if anyone decides to cut down on animal products, or might be lactose intolerant, skip the soy, there's so much more to try.

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