Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fair Lilith

Before happily dead terrorist Jerry Falwell died in 2007, one of his disgusting comments on current events regarded Lilith Fair. He decried that the fair was about, well, demons. 

Yes, demons at the turn of the century. His spokesperson, Beth Bragg, stated he had not read or written the article for the National Liberty Journal, but that he also had the highest regard and confidence in the senior editor of the paper. I would think that says that, whether he wrote it or not, he endorsed the thought.

I enjoyed several of the quotes from the old article. One stated that, "Many young people no doubt attend the Lilith Fair concerts not knowing the demonic legend of the mystical woman whose name the series manifests." Another stated, "According to pagan legend, Lilith dwelled with demons after leaving Eden and went mad after witnessing the execution of her children. As a result, she went on a killing spree, seducing and murdering her own demonic male offspring and then slaying their children."


Six months before the turn of the century and people still mention the ridiculous with a straight face. Amazing, but of course they still do it every sunday in every city and town in the entire country. 

Think about that for a second.

Lilith Fair was the brainchild of Sarah McLachlan. During the first three year run it raised ten million dollars for women's charities, and we know that doesn't set well with the christian masters. It was revived last year, still gets a lot of attention. Great acts, great purpose; all the components of hellfire sin? 

Lilith's history is about equality. One story claims she was created for Adam first, but when she wouldn't obey the limp dick bastard's orders, she was tossed out to make room for Eve, a hopefully more subservient creature. She didn't want to be on bottom all the time. Another godly screwup ignored.

The reason the Fair was named Lilith was to promote gender equality, nothing more. 

The Reverend found it blasphemous that the fair was named Lilith, since Lilith wanted equality with man, and you know that's just not happening in the home of a christian cock.

Though this happened a decade ago, I think we shouldn't forget the absurdity that religion brings us every day, every month and every year of our lives.

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