Monday, April 18, 2011


The theist bane on pornography appears to rest on this one thought; idolatry. Hard to understand, unless you look at the basic thought; the worship of a physical object as a god.

I know there are, what many might find to be, extreme examples of pornography, and my points are not to condone or refute what has become an industry. I'm looking at the basic religious propaganda that surrounds the thought.

Engaging in pornography is as simple as admiring a photo of a beautiful physical specimen that happens to be sans clothes. Looking at this from my own perspective, I can see the problem. If I'm admiring the female body, I'm admiring, well, the root of all evil. (shameless hussies all). 

If I look at this lovely lady, admire the physical characteristics that I find appealing, I have, by theist standards, warped my understanding of human sexuality. Though this is possibly not even thought of as porn by many, it's where it all starts for the theist.

Keeping this point short, pornography doesn't limit itself to one man and one woman, or anything else. To the theist, this is a perversion of nature, (apparently they do not know much about nature). For the religious, adultery, homosexuality and incest are all the products of pornography. 

Lying bastards, if that was true why were god's royal families always screwing each other? Were they watching Shakespearean porn theater?

The religious right's militant anti-abortionist Neal Horsley admitted to screwing mules. This guy runs for governor in GA on anti-abortion and anti-pornography causes. Apparently if you don't watch pornography, you'll only fuck the livestock.

Because of the hypocrisy involved, the entire idolatry thought needs to be discarded. Ministers are adulterers, priests are pedophiles, pastors love them some man. 

Sexuality if taught to a child would rid the world of the stupidity that claims if a person loves another person it is shameful. Education and embracing sex could possibly rid the world of many evils. 

Physorg reports that porn does have an effect on sex crimes, porn might actually reduce the occurrence. 

Maybe if we could get all the ministry to watch, they'd leave our kids alone.

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