Friday, April 29, 2011


I am a liar, it's as simple as that. 

If I want to discuss Climate Change with conservatives, I'm a liar. If I quote climate scientists, they are liars. If I quote facts and figures, those are lies as well. If I switch gears and go for evolution, doesn't matter what I say, who I quote or what reasons I offer, I am a liar. 

Science is not easily understandable by many, and I'm not the expert so possibly I miss points that may help someone comprehend a thought.

But even when data is written in black and white. When there is no doubt what something states, the information is not accepted as truth. During the health care debate, once again everything was a lie. They would say death panel, I would show that there is nothing in the bill that creates such an entity, I lie. The bill would cover immigrants, I show the exact section where it states in no uncertain terms that immigrant are not covered, it's a lie. Abortion funding, not in the bill, I lie.

What is it with these people? Usually, when you think of a lie, you think of an action that is done deliberately with the intent to deceive. I have no intent except to communicate a thought, yet that communication, instead of being debated, is ignored by the simple thought.

It is a lie.

Even with the resolved birther issue, (never was an issue for me), there is still a contingent that think it's all a lie. Obama was not born in the U.S.A., no way. The facts do not matter, the reality does not matter, nothing matters to them because it's all fiction.

How does someone live a life where all the data that they come in contact with is not to be trusted? Where only what you think is correct, and what you think cannot be changed. The same group of people that will purposely not even trim the fat off a hunk of meat because they know it is good for them, screw the nutritionist that says leaner is better.

Not understanding the mindset that fantasizes about everything. Those that never live in a world of reason, because for them, there is no such thing as a "fact."

This is what religion does to a person. Where fantasy is always present, where actions happen that contradict reality, where anything goes; where reason is forever suspect.

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