Friday, April 15, 2011

Cons and Scams

My father was a con man. Spent much of his life in jail for a variety of crimes. Likable, highly intelligent and could come up with a scam in the chirp of a cricket; he was very good at what he did. Sure he would of made a great preacher, could of scammed all the fools legally, but not his bag. He liked taverns, music and women. He enjoyed the conversations, he enjoyed taking your money.

Turn on the tube last night and am greeted with:

"California Psychics, if you have questions about your love life, career, destiny or dead loved ones, let us help you." I thought that the psychic con was declared illegal, yet when I check their site, it doesn't say anywhere easily seen that this is just for play. They have great lines though, lines that my father might have been proud of. "Can a phone reading be as effective as an in-person reading?" Why, yes it can! A perfectly truthful statement, since there's no inherent effective anything that could be had with any type of "reading," the cash they get is the same for the spittle whether in person or not. I liked this one too, "Why didn't my prediction come true?" The reply, "Be aware that knowledge changes outcomes." Um, no, you be aware bitch, that's what I'm paying you for. Continues with, "Also, due to free will, the timing of many things can change." I hope whoever wrote that was at least chuckling a bit at the stupidity of the common man.

Apparently, if my father could of come up with a bullshit business, he could have legally conned the masses.

Religion does it daily, no truth, no honesty, no reality; just appeals to the marks that don't have the intelligence to detect a scam. It is all about wishes, whether someone claims spiritual belief, psychic belief or any other belief in the supernatural. In it's essence, it is the same type of scam my father would have created. I find it hard to imagine that the upper echelons of any church really believe anything they say. 

We have decided that abusing children is a morally wrong action, yet seems to happen fairly regularly in the church. How could someone really believe in the eternal and take such an action? Preachers steal, are adulterers, cheat and kill. Why? Because they know damn well that when they die they're going to die. End of the fucking story. Ball less pricks everyone of them. Con men extraordinaire.

"I wish my life was better, I wish I had someone in my life, I wish that I could find a job."

I am tired of the fruitless endeavors of the mentally impaired, those who would rather have things given to them then go out and work for it. Lazy little bitches waiting for jesus to give them a hand. 

Not feeling very sympathetic today.

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