Monday, April 4, 2011


What the Hell.

Still keeping my eye out for another chance to mingle with my countrymen in protest against the conservative pillaging of the nation. The wealth of a country residing in a few hands that never pay taxes. Education and social programs disappearing while the fat cats get fatter; does this not aggravate everyone?

I see that it is not only the conservatives, New York is enjoying quite a few protests as well, since their Governor has also decided to cut the same programs while cutting taxes for the rich. That is slightly scary, corporations own everyone.

I've been getting updates about events happening in the local area. Apparently, today they're holding a Vigil. Ceremonies, maybe a little prayer, bastards. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on this day in 1968, and I can easily see the link between his dream of wanting a better life for the common man and scheduled activities. But still, prayer isn't going to accomplish anything, except to get theists to crawl out from under their rocks for the show.

Yeah, I've heard it before, god is great. That's why he sits on his ass everyday of your life doing absolutely nothing. No crime is corrected, no terror will be stopped. Yeah, god is great, great at playing hide and go seek, and seek, and seek, and waste your stupid life. Useless activity for a brain dead population.

For myself, I'm not much into sitting quietly, or might I say reverently, while pushing for change. 

I have my pitchfork clean, torches oiled, lets get this over with!

Vigils suck.

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