Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Punch-a-Koch or Ice-an-Infant

The Koch brothers have been involved in funding political candidates and right wing organizations for years. With an estimated worth of 43 billion, life is good. They have a vested interest in not only making sure nothing changes, but that social and environmental concerns are ignored so they can enrich themselves.

The union bashing in Wisconsin and Ohio are the direct results of their influence; they supported the tea party conservatives that won.

This is a full scale war on an american public that is afraid to confront the reality. Heedlessly destroying environmental protections by buying every politician that might make decisions on those policies. Just recently they donated a million dollars in an attempt to overturn California's clean energy law, AB32. 

The destruction of entitlements that the conservative leaders are trying to manipulate through the new budget, again a direct result of Koch brothers involvement; they financed 62 out of 87 members of the freshman GOP class.

They have their hands into every aspect of our political system. As many as 85 right wing think tanks have been identified as being financed by the brothers to a tune of 85 million dollars. Freedom Works, Americans for Prosperity, The Federalist Society, The Heritage Society and many more.

They have their hand on your throat and are squeezing the fucking life out of you, and I guess we all love them for that.

Remember the old Whac-a-Mole game? Ah, what fun, teach the children that beating animals relates to excellent times. I think we should create a new game on that platform and call it Ice-an-infant. Babies pop up out of their mother's womb and you smack the shit out of them. Why raise such lovely creatures in a world, that by your own acceptance, is being turned into a garbage pile? A world where everything they touch contains poison, and what they inherit is a landscape of death.

Of course, we could go the other way and play Punch-a-Koch, but that would be considered class warfare and for some reason that thought has been framed as evil. 

Americans have accepted that rapacious greed is a moral good and life itself a moral evil.

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