Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trapped in a Tale

Are christians just trapped in an old crappy soap opera?

Think of all those you know who are glued to the television when their favorite series comes on. They talk about the characters as if they are real, and even after you mention that they are talking about fictional characters, and they agree with your assessment, ten minutes later they once again refer to a character as if, someone real. They watch their favorite shows over and over. They laugh, they cry and they live with these fictional characters. 

Books the same. I have read many novels more than once, just because of the enjoyment it brings. Wrapped up in a story line that interests, or maybe just makes you feel an emotion.

Those stories that embellish man, that show him to be, possibly, something that should, or could, be attained, are commonplace. Maybe the story is about wizards. How cool, mumble a few words and shit happens. Maybe it is the meek evolving into the brave or other wishful thinking. Maybe it puts man on a pedestal for some virtuous act that most will never even contemplate emulating in real life. 

A good story has a powerful effect on us, we love stories. Being a science fiction reader when young, I have wondered if scientology is just a "good" story for those who enjoyed that genre so much that reality and fantasy melded into a religion. It is painful nonsense developed by a below average writer, yet still enthralls those who are caught up in that story. 

Christians love their stories. Horror stories of astounding proportions. Where cruel acts and intentions are warped into moral actions.

Is that why christians pick and choose? Maybe just concentrating on the parts they love, that they are trapped in. I mean, the bible does have something for everyone. If you are a harmless being, there are many passages that call to you. If you are a vengeful person, again many passages that agree with your demeanor. Are you angry? Are you a warrior? Are you meek? You've found a friend, a book that encompasses all acts of man, one that is sure to have at least one story that binds you to the adventure.



  1. Christians are like Trekkies?

  2. How easy is it to find a passage in the bible that one agrees with. Yes, christians are trekkies. =)