Thursday, May 5, 2011

God is Useless

Pick a day, any day, in your life and think about the sequence of events in that day, and what parts of it had anything to do with god.

I'll pick yesterday, only because I can still remember most of it.

I climb out of bed, scratch my balls, head to the can and drain the dragon. Did god reach down and do that scratching for me? No, the lazy bastard didn't. Into the kitchen where I find dirty dishes and glasses, the basic leftovers from last night's dinner that I didn't take care of. You would think though, that since god lives outside of time and never sleeps, maybe he could of picked up a rag and cleaned the counter? Not happening. Maybe wash a dish? Yeah right. Happily I have this device that I can fill up that automatically cleans my dishes, how cool is that?

Next on the list is coffee, I fill up a machine with water and ground beans, and presto, fresh coffee. Did god grind the beans or heat the water, nope. Did god create the tree that gives us coffee? If, as some would have me believe, he did, he couldn't figure out what was the ultimate bean, otherwise why the variety? In his omnipotence he couldn't just make the ultimate coffee bean? Indecisive little twit, except when it comes to killing.

I need to replenish food stuff, so jump into the vehicle and head into town. Twenty miles away so a quick drive. But, if I didn't have a car would god give me a lift into town? You know, throw my thumb into the air and hang on for the ride? No, I'd spend my day walking. Thanks buddy.

It would be easy to fill up a book on just one day of your life where you point out everything that god didn't do that day. As far I can tell, he sits around and watches everyone while deciding who to torture for an eternity. This bugger needs a day job.

God doesn't feed the hungry, he doesn't heal the sick, he doesn't save us from natural disasters, he doesn't physically do a damn thing to earn his keep. God is a useless thought that is promoted by the rich and con artists looking to get rich. God is just a dream, and for the destitute, maybe a hope that never becomes real. Is the thought really worth anything more than a method of controlling those who have nothing?

For the most part, we live, communicate, travel, experience, interact with life due to science. I am amazed that anyone would pick god, who doesn't do a damn thing, over science, which works for us every second of every day.

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