Thursday, May 26, 2011

Class Warfare III

Michigan governor Rick Snyder signed into law a new reform that taxes the poorest segment of the state's population and hands it over to the rich. The recall petitions are circulating, but almost impossible to dethrone a sitting emperor. Recall efforts are in place for many of the state's legislators, and that is probably the best bet for change.

This tax basically says, broke Michiganders, you're not shopping enough, not eating out enough, just not spending enough to increase corporate profit. We'll do it for them. We will take what you don't have, and give it to those that have everything. 

We are now patrons of every shitty business we can't stand.

You make cheap crap that nobody wants to buy? Hey, come to Michigan, we rape our citizens and give it directly to you Mr. Fat Cat. Hey, you want to poison the earth, destroy public parks for wealth, this is the state for you my friend.

No education problems here, we are closing public schools as fast as possible. Unions are a thing of the past. A large new poor class of ignorant fucks that will say yes sir and thank you sir for their 80 hour work weeks; no insurance, no representation and no retirement. We are the state of stupid old fucks, all the young ones were smart enough to get out.

And that is how the bill passed. If you were born in 1946 or earlier, no taxes. If you were born between 1946 and 1952, hey, we'll prorate, won't cost you a thing. Everyone else, come to daddy. So that large old population of Michigan doesn't give a shit, not bright enough to understand.

Now the decision is to stay and fight, or just leave this disaster. Hell I can move back to Illinois and get an automatic pay raise, why stay here? 

Snyder, you're a sick little prick. Hide your cash and dine on lobster and pheasant and drink fine wine, you are all that matters, right? 

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