Friday, May 6, 2011

Another Tequila Sunrise and My G Groupies

Before I get into this, I must say, hangovers make it hard to to think.

Saying that though, if you want to immigrate to the U.S., bring a good drinking holiday with you. Hell, we didn't like the Irish at one time, now rivers flow green, everyone pretends to be irish, wearing green becomes appropriate and usually bad corned beef and cabbage is eaten by the ton.

Bring us a holiday to drink on, and apparently you've passed muster.

Yesterday took the bike for a ride, picked up some awesome tequila. Cinco de Mayo bitches! It was a tequila sunrise kind of day, and at sunrise today I was feeling the after effects of a fun evening. I had made guacamole, picked up some seitan, (which I really enjoyed this time) and used it for faux chicken enchiladas. Even tried some fake cheese, not bad. Salsa, chips, fun.

Make a dinner course, have a shot, make another course, have a shot, all the time sipping on sunrises. Happy guy.

Where I live is encircled with a paved fitness trail. Sitting outside on the deck I enjoy annoying the walkers and skaters that pass by; unfortunately some people just can't take a joke, (maybe the shots of tequila had something to do with that). After a while that lost my interest. Instead of trying to find someone that would put up with my shit, I brought out the guitar and played. My favorite activity when the sun is shining and I have a soft buzz. People come by and sometimes stop for a moment, maybe talk a bit, or want another song; fun. 

Then two families showed that just wouldn't leave. One had five kids, the other seven; christian families one might think. The kids found places to sit on the grass, the parents keeping and eye on them. If I stopped playing they would start to move on, then when I started playing they came right back.

My first groupies, awesome!

Did help me take my playing up a notch. The parents were swinging there necks, the little ones, that were barely more than hair balls, seemed to bop to the beat. They didn't have much to say, at least nothing I could understand. But hey, what can you expect from geese.

My G Groupies! Fun thought, at least while in a mind altered state.

Imagination is an excellent attribute, except when you expect people to not only believe the delusion, but to act on it as well. Almost don't want to mention any fantastical fun thought that crosses my mind, it may turn into the next ridiculous religion; scientology anyone? When you have a group of people who decide to treat imagination as reality, it makes imagination not so much fun. Whatever branch of insanity that someone partakes in, are their minds always in an altered state? 

The joys of one's mind to create fictional worlds, to smile at a silly thought that enters your head, loses some beauty when you know there are crazy people out there that may pretend it is real.

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