Monday, May 23, 2011


After surviving the last end of the world scenario my mind was centered on scams. How many times has the church and its leaders conned the public?

As far as I'm concerned, every day is the correct answer.

Yet how many actually pay the price? Very few end up in jail, and by that I mean the pedophile hiding pope isn't bubba's bitch yet. Why should anyone be prosecuted for defrauding the public?

I started searching for data on religious scams, and the first link I check out tells the reader to beware of certain religious scams. Cool, someone understands there is a problem with allowing religion to continue raping the local idiots. In a country where you can be arrested for playing a little three card monte on the streets, which is nowhere near as insidious and corrupting as religion, how do you rationally not include every religion in the scam category?

Back to my searching, and the irony.

I start reading the scams, and they have nothing to do with religion itself. It is about those bad people that talk you into handing over your hard earned money under false pretenses, but lo and behold, it's not actually the church or religion that is the focus.

The "affinity church scam" is about someone claiming to share your viewpoint and lulls members of religious organizations into thinking they are genuine. Then they claim divine guidance or some other similar nonsense and grab your money in what can end up being a Ponzi scheme.

So a priest can share your viewpoint, take your money, and it is okay. He can pretend to have divine guidance. But if you're not part of the hierarchy, don't even think about it.

The "sob story scam" is about someone joining a church and stating he's recently converted. As time goes on he talks about some tragedy that is effecting his life, and the need for monetary help. A few tears and he makes a few dollars.

If this is a scam, why are all the evangelical cry babies not in jail? Same damn thing isn't it? Falwell teared up on national television claiming he was going to die if he didn't raise millions. Well, the bitch didn't die, why didn't they prosecute?

And yes, I know, he's in heaven now because god loves lying bastards.

The list goes on, and most of the scams are the same ones that churches are involved in on a daily basis. My favorite is about cults. Under the g
uise of faith an organizationrecruits members and convinces them to hand over all their possessions.

That sounds like every damn church I've encountered.

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