Sunday, March 27, 2011

Show me the Money!

Even a casual look at current events reveals an astounding picture. The world is in protest, and though there are goals that differentiate the protests, there is one common theme; countries are being looted by the rich.

I've briefly discussed the protests still occurring in the midwest here. I hate to continue exhorting the same subject matter, but the subject stares me in the face where ever I look.

This weekend protests started in CA; they're not waiting, they are starting the fight now. The why is fairly simple to explain, it resonates with the world as a whole. For some reason, the middle class is being shut down. The programs that protect a government's citizens are being abolished. Safety nets? No need say the rich, we're okay.

In Britain they had the largest protest since the Iraq war; tens of thousands are marching. Some of the organizers are saying 250,000 people participated. Guess what the problem is? 

Show us the money!

The Brits were holding placards stating, "Don't believe in the Deficit," and "general strike now." The government there is looking at $130 billion in cutbacks. Supposedly by next month libraries will close their doors, youth programs will be abolished, social workers will be laid off; even the police force in some areas are having up to twenty-five percent of its personal being eliminated. Of course, health care and welfare will be pillaged; basically all the safety nets are being purged. 

It would appear that the world is all going broke at the same time, the money has seemingly vanished overnight. 

Video footage promoting the youth movement in Morocco shows one of the protesters claiming they want to stop the looting of the nation. Similar notions infuse all the protests.

Is this what is happening world wide? Are we on the cusp of a revolution where wealth will be used to provide jobs and security for the working class heroes of every country?

It is fairly easy to discern the trembling of the mighty, as their castles of gold sneer at the poor. What is it in a person that requires the hoarding of all things that may have value. Really, another jet? More gems? Another home? Cars, motorcycles, land, power, money, greed; the rich must close their eyes at the unrest in the world, otherwise their play would be troubled with nightmares of the impoverished knocking at their doors.

Though I cannot speak for the world, I know that in the U.S., people just want to live comfortably. They don't need palaces, they don't need yachts, they don't need a home in every state; all they want is a bit of security. As long as that security exists, the populace will remain stable.

I think the conservative onslaught will dismantle the few safety nets we have. Will the people just calmly accept the demise of the american dream, or will they fight to recapture?

I wait to see.

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