Thursday, March 24, 2011


Though the condition is normally associated with sleep, I find that nightmares are more a facet of my conscious state. Anything my unconscious sends my way during periods of slumber are never as frightening as being awake.

With a sense of dread I boot up my connection with the world in the morning. Something new and detestable is awaiting. Perhaps I will wake to the theocracy that the wealthy would see in place. Their conservative minions, who lack reason but understand a dollar's worth, create mayhem across the country.

I think it is just a distraction to keep us from examining the role that wealth plays in this country. It is definitely not a benign status, but more of a malignancy that eats away at the very ideals that this country was founded upon.

Reports are coming in from those crazed entities that are now in control of many of our state governments.

In South Dakota, they will be passing legislation that forbids abortion without a three day waiting period. During those three days, (the longest waiting period in the country), the woman in question must attend crisis center lectures on the evil of aborting a child. Anti-choice and religion go hand in hand, the lectures amount to nothing more than sermons. Plus, crisis clinics get to record all the information about the patient, so much for privacy.

Seventeen states are considering outlawing abortions after twenty weeks of gestation, and mighty Arizona is trying to pass a ban on abortions based on race or gender. Doesn't penalize the woman, but makes it a felony for anyone performing that abortion.

It's all smoke, I would hopefully think that much of this will amount to nothing, excepting our continued distraction from political reality.

Okay, no more of that, how's the worker doing this morning?

Maine's new governor has decided to join the rust belt republicans in eliminating workers rights. This gentleman is exciting. He's looking forward to the protests coming to his state. One of his first acts is to remove the mural from the lobby of the state Department of Labor. Nice paintings of workers doing what they do; work. The governor, (Lepage), says the decor is anti-business.

Everyone that climbs out from under their personal rock knows that state after state that is controlled by republicans is on the attack. They will not stop.

The thoughts on the abortion bills being legislated is that they are in direct conflict with the first amendment. I think that the topic is definitely important, and an eye needs to be focused on the developments.

The labor laws though, seem to be the real goal. While they use smoke and mirrors on ideology that is not winnable, the continued rampage against the middle and low income classes continues, and in my opinion, that is the main goal of today's conservatives.

These bastards talk about christian values constantly. They confuse the issues by spouting christian moral nonsense. Yet, with the reality that they support, one can only assume that christian values and sustaining the rich are one and the same.

How awkward is that. To be christian, you must be engaged in your own self destruction.

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