Saturday, March 26, 2011

I am a Blessing

That statement takes away all the fun of helping someone out.

Bring my in-laws some lunch, watch them do their praying over the food while holding my hand, then take them out to the local casino in Detroit. One of the few things they can still do that they enjoy. Couple of hours gambling, good fun, especially since they play penny and nickel slots; they aren't going home broke.

Back to their home, discuss the coming holidays. I volunteer to help them decorate, (they haven't been around for the holiday in years, usually in FL), and we set up the date for that to happen. They've also decided that I should cater the affair for them, (which they won't pay for), since I'm able and willing to do the deed. Great fun, I find devout catholics to be so charming.

Before I could escape, I'm hearing how blessed they are that I'm helping them. What?

So, here I am, big ugly guy, sent from the lord to take care of you bitches. Yep, that's me.

I am a vessel for the lord, I have no charity or humanity that is innately a part of my being.

I am nothing.

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