Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nothing Lasts Forever

Unless you are a theist.

What arrogance there is in the thought that you are special enough to be eternal. Their dissonance between what is known and what is wished for always amazes.

What is it that makes a theist special?

Is it a practiced maneuver, keeping eyes and minds closed to the natural rhythm of life? Possibly it includes a lack of respect for their fellow man. To feel that you are better than another would entail a bit of snobbery I would think. Though that thought might simply encompass the lack of learning someone receives, since usually the more you know, the more you understand that there is much that escapes cognizance. Only by being proud of your lack of intellect could one keep up the pretense of being one of the chosen few.

My thoughts keep coming back to theists and how they acknowledge the life that surrounds them. The process of life and death that is a thread that connects us all, they so easily ignore. A pet dies, an insect is squashed, an animal is slaughtered, a plant dies, a tree tumbles, a bird drops out of the sky; all gone forever. A theist would say that is true. They will live on though, those god mutterers will live an infinity. How can that thought be held onto with all the physical evidence that refutes the idea?

Fear. Fear is the world. Fear is their leader. Fear is their father and mother. Fear controls them.

You don't need much more than fear to control a populace. You definitely don't need intelligence to fear, anyone can be afraid. Fear is a product of ignorance.

You could easily fear bees, they sting. But, the knowledge that they will sting only if you upset their home, or force contact, eases that fear. You could fear immigrants, but only if you allow yourself to avoid contact. Once you socialize, you find they are you. You could fear flying, but if you knew the mechanics of flight, your fear would dissipate.

I could continue with many examples of how fear is assuaged by knowledge, but will let the thought simply rest on the fact that many fear the unknown, and are not interested in making it a known to dispel that fear.

I think they fear the thought that nothing lives forever, instead of embracing the fact and living without that fear.

I do pity them.

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