Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Abortion Doctors Wanted Posters Revisited

Last October it was being reported that wanted posters featuring doctors were being distributed around Charlotte, NC. These were similar to ones that were being passed around during the 90's.

Wanted posters were put out showing abortion doctor's home and office addresses, the cars they drove and their personal appearance.

These are some from the 90's.

Dr. Tiller also received the treatment:

That was just before he was shot in the 90's. The insanity has started again. All the above "wanted" doctors are dead.

New wanted posters do the same. They give addresses, vehicle information including license plates and physical descriptions.

I know these are fringe groups, but they have the supposed dignity of religion behind them. This is a part of christianity. This encourages killing, as it did in the 90's, of doctors who are performing legal medical treatments. How many women's health providers will there be in the future if the threats keep coming?

Update. The posters are once again being distributed:

"Rachel Maddow posed that question last week as she reported from Kansas on the escalating campaign of threats, harassment and terror against Dr. Mila Means, who recently announced her plans to provide abortions in Wichita.

Abortions have not been available in the city since the murder of Dr. George Tiller in May 2009. Means has now become the target of an aggressive campaign led by anti-abortion extremists. WANTED-style posters featuring Means’ photograph and address are being circulated in Wichita and online, and about a dozen anti-abortion zealots stalked the physician at her rural Wichita home."

This is chilling as well:

"But no legal actions have yet been taken against the protestors. (A previous Kansas attorney general, Phill Kline, currently facing ethics charges, not only failed to prosecute those who threatened and stalked Tiller but used his public office to launch an inquisition against the doctor.) On the other hand, the disruptive protests outside Means’ family practice office precipitated a lawsuit against her from her landlord, and now she is not allowed to perform abortions at that office.

The anti-Means protestors include some of the same anti-abortion extremists who used to protest against and stalk Dr. Tiller. As Amanda Robb pointed out in her investigation of Tiller’s murder for Ms. last year, those who have murdered abortion providers–such as Tiller’s assasin, Scott Roeder–operate within a network of extremist advocates rather than being “lone wolves"

The new article appears here.

It is one of many reasons that I do not accommodate theists, it gives them courage.

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