Sunday, June 12, 2011

There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See, There Are None So Deaf As Those Who Will Not Hear.

I received an email from a family member with the title words in a bright lime green color, extra large fonts and all in caps.

You think someone is trying to tell me something? Or, do they think this phrase will open my mind to the wonders of fantasy?

There was a video attached that I watched, thought it was going to be highly religious, (and it was a religious message), but it was mostly about a gentleman with no arms playing guitar with his feet. That part was okay, he played, had timing; the guitar was tuned to a chord so he could make simplistic fingerings, (toeings?), to play songs. The one he played on the video was "Let it Be." Then it ended with a statement about the pope visiting and listening to him play. The last statement was about how the pope called him a "gift of hope."

The family member who sent me the video is of course religious, and is an intelligent design kind of guy. Crazy. Intelligent design is like a festering wound boring through the mind leaving scars that state "I'm with stupid."

Why would someone think learning to play guitar with your feet has more to do with god than being born without arms? The story would be uplifting if it focused on the man's determination to play music, to immerse himself in an art that he loves. But no, we have to bring in the magical, the bullshit, the one and only master fuckup, god.

It would seem to be a dangerous proverb to toss around when history shows that at times the religious have definitely closed their eyes and ears to science. If you send me this, I must inform you on how at one time the religious enjoyed having the earth as the center of the universe, and what they would do to keep it that way. If you send me this, then I must talk about how evolution is currently treated the same way.

All know who those are that close their minds to reality.

In fact, why don't the godly just go for it. Embrace the little leprechaun bastards as real. Werewolves and vampires are already story favorites, can I get a Saint somefuckingbody for them? Medusa is just as real as well bitches, and all those marvel comics? Yeah, that's as real as well. Can the Hulk be a disciple please? That would rock. Ghosts, witches, warlocks, wizards, sorcerers; include every mythical or fictional thought you can. Make some evil, some good, with the toss of a coin like the rest of your idiot characters.

I want the Book of Thor dammit.

Every religious person should accept that the saying applies only to the religious. It has no other place. If you can not accept science as fact, you are the deaf and blinded.

Weak minds make for weak people.

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