Tuesday, June 14, 2011


As a child, I noticed my elders had various ailments. Skin blemishes, scars; all the good stuff aging has to offer. I heard their stories, their desires and their sadness. You hear the stories about hopes dashed and goals that were attained. 

Much information I filed in my young brain, but never really concentrated on. We all think that our lives will be greatly different. Then as we age we find that yes, to a certain extent are lives are different, different in technology, but really not that different on a social basis. You still have the social relationships that can sour or enhance your life. You have dreams that are fulfilled, or lost.

All of this you see, but do not concern yourself with. Yet as you age you find the same set of characteristics that your family shares becoming more evident. Their sense of purpose, of ethics, of family; it's all there waiting to come out.

Fortune telling that actually works. As you live and watch the struggles of others older than you, you are seeing your future. Scars that you will get, physically and emotionally no matter how hard you try to evade. 

For someone young, you have a map of your future laid out before you, but one that you will ignore until you realize it has happened. Some that I find to be weak willed, or indecisive, or lets life control them instead of them controlling life, are those that ignored the map.

Maybe we should study that map and the roads that we might travel. 

Christians have a seemingly safe road to travel. Do such and such, end up here or there. Simplistic it is. Yet many fail to even tread that well worn road safely. Pedophile priests and cheating christian conservatives prove the path is untenable. 

Religion doesn't give you a road to follow. Delusion and irrational thinking make the trip hard. Too many potholes to make a safe trip. Atheism give us a life based in reality, a life that may have pitfalls, but also the knowledge to overcome difficulties.

Atheists are blessed.

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