Monday, June 20, 2011

Purpose, Favor and Free Will

Supposedly we are made in god's image and every one of us has a purpose in life that HE has already mapped out. A statement I've heard many times, in different incarnations.

God's muddled method of controlling his subjects, hiding this, hiding that, hiding himself. Saying this, but doing the opposite. On and on the game continues.

But you have a purpose, and supposedly, if you open yourself to god, he will favor you in some way. But if he favors you, isn't that just your purpose? Did you just complete a useless activity? Favor can be granted in different ways of course. Preachers will tell you it doesn't mean you will get rich, or be powerful; but you might be!

That'll grab their attention, oh yeah. Makes for a nice little sermon, or maybe just a teaching experience; everyone likes thinking of their impending good fortune, especially when it takes zero effort.

But favor could be a simple as a believer having a daughter that doesn't come out quite as idiotic as the parents, those parents could say they gained god's favor. Maybe you needed a little bit of a break at work, and you get one, you were favored. You had a flat tire, but were close to a gas station, how favored are you? You were in a pummeling rain storm, and boom, after a little prayer, you break out into the sunshine. Ah, god favors you.

See, all that praying has really made your twisted little life worthwhile!

Maybe the areas of drought in the country are directly related to all the crazy christians wishing to drive in the sunshine? That would be great theater, every fucking christian praying for something that harms the earth in ways that their imbecilic minds can't understand. I can see it now, "Oh, I sure pray it doesn't rain tomorrow, it's my birthday party!" And every day for the rest of your life is sunny, because every day its some idiot's birthday. Turn the planet into a desert, hooray!

If you think that we all have a purpose, and we are created to fulfill that purpose, then anything that is caused by man is just "purpose." Possibly one of the CEO billionaires that spends his time raping the earth and poisoning the land is just engaged in his purpose, and not to blame. Dictators killing millions, god's purpose. Children starving, purpose. Raping, pillaging, conservatism and liberalism, all approved by the big, dumb, guy in the sky.

I know I'm not the only one who sees the discrepancies here. What about free will then? If god created each person with a purpose, doesn't that negate free will? No one should be blamed for their actions if those actions are guided.

How does a christian reconcile the thought? Either we were made for a purpose that we fulfill and are not to blame for anything, or we have free will and our only purpose is to use it to do all the stupid damn things that the big dumb guy frowns upon.

Wish they would tell me the fucking answer, but I already know the response, for god works in mysterious ways; which just means none of the dumbfucks understands a damn thing.

Blind allegiance must be a very strong christian trait.

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