Monday, June 27, 2011


Any day you take a ride, you'll probably encounter a local fish monger. No, not someone butchering the seas to keep your belly happy, but the dull-eyed driver going ten miles under the speed limit with a fish symbol on the back of his car.

Amazing how they try so hard to preserve their life when they have such a cool place waiting for them. You'd think their driving would more resemble the, "pedal to the metal and drive spectacularly!" thought. 

Why wait?

Most atheists have a better understanding than christians where the symbol originated. It has been meaningful to pagans and other religions as well. As far as christianity goes, supposedly it was a way of recognizing a fellow christian.

You would think the glazed eyes and sluggish manner would be the giveaway, but if you're not that quick in thought, you need an easily understandable and identifiable method to communicate crazy. Someone may have drawn a curve in the sand, and a fellow christian, after a bit of slow mental activity, could figure out how to complete the symbol. Sometimes they had to break for food and drink, sometimes their "squirrel!" mentality would distract them, but eventually the bonding would occur.

I link that form of communication to neanderthal grunts, though neanderthals possibly passed more valuable information in a grunt than christians did drawing a line in the sand.

I find the fish appropriate for believers. Much more so than the cross. Besides the cross losing its punch by becoming celebrity bling, it also makes it too simple to identify another christian. I mean really, you don't even have to be able to draw a line? Too simple.

There is another reason that some designs of the symbol are so much more appropriate. Here's my favorite fish symbol these days:

I think this is the perfect visual when examining current christian practices. The addition of the crucifix makes it simple to understand the basic believer.

That's not a cross, it's a hook catching another sucker. 

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