Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bush the Liberator

The spin is on once again. How can we make a failed presidency, possibly the worst in U.S. history, look a bit less pathetic. Hey, tie it into current news like he is still president!

I was with most Americans who wanted revenge after the 9/11 attack. Afghanistan here we come. But what happened? We use our military might to go after Saddam, a dictator no doubt, but not the cause of the attack. Instead of finishing what terrorists started in Afghanistan, we are distracted. There were no weapons of mass destruction, no imminent attack on America from Iraq; nothing but sweet crude oil.

Some would say we didn't go there because of our need to control the planet's resources, oh no. We went there to liberate the populace. That is such bullshit. There's dictators and the oppressed all over the world, but if you don't have resources, we're not freeing you. In fact, we like dictators, they are some of our best friends. 

With the civil unrest in the middle east, some republicans would like us to think it is all Bush's doing. Like he magically implanted an idea a half a dozen years ago into non-english speaking prepubescent minds. I'm sure they all rallied to his cry, they were just waiting to muscle up before hitting the streets.

In reality, Bush didn't liberate anything. He's a war criminal that is not allowed in many parts of the word. It's a simple case, prosecutor says he authorized torture, done. Lock the bitch up.

But I guess we should look at the people of Iraq; has it really faired well for them? 

I guess we could call Bush the liberator when it comes to Iraq. They went from an American supported secular dictator to a free country with freedom of speech; as long as you praise allah at the end of each sentence. Dictatorship or theocracy, both horrible in my book.

He did chase out two and a quarter million of the educated in the country, they're in Jordan and Syria, so at least those two countries benefitted. Forty percent of Iraqi professionals have left the country. He displaced another two and a quarter million in Iraq, those that lost their homes and jobs are probably not too sure about joy of liberation. Unemployment anywhere from twenty-seven to sixty percent where curfews are not in effect, so we did liberate them from those lousy jobs they had. In 2006, the consumer price inflation was fifty percent, so I guess they are liberated from buying food. Iraqi children suffering for chronic malnutrition was close to thirty percent by 2007, again, liberated from food.

In fact, after ten years of sanctions and the war, the probability of an Iraqi child dying before forty is three times the level in surrounding countries that we haven't liberated. So, Iraqis have been liberated from old age as well. 

At the end of Bush's reign of terror, the average daily hours Iraqis had electricity was one to two hours, before the war it was sixteen to twenty four hours. We've liberated them from comfort.

We brought Shock and Awe, that liberated over a million Iraqis, who are now dead or seriously injured.

We have filled the rivers with blood, and some would like to make us think that it was a noble pursuit. 

Fuck them.

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