Friday, August 5, 2011

The Selfish American

I think that besides the religious leanings of the conservative right, another driving force is greed. The easiest example is the conservative mantra that the rich must be made richer. No revenues from them, only low income and retired folks should bear that burden.

That is just a general observation of a large movement, so it is easy for someone to say that it is not true of all that share that ideology, but I disagree. Day to day life gives me example after example of how warped minds really are that subscribe to that ideology. 

These are recent examples of the thought processes of your average conservative nutcase.

I'm having a conversation with a family member and he starts talking the usual bullshit about frivolous lawsuits. I'm not much in the mood for the discussion, I know he's been brainwashed by his buddies on Fox, so why bother? I just agree that possibly torte reform would be a good thing. Possibly a cap on lawsuits would help drive insurance costs down and that could be passed to the consumer. How much does a normal person need to live? Do I need a billion dollars because I spilled hot coffee on my balls? Probably not.

Well, that was my way of agreeing partially with his thought; trying to be a nicer and gentler Neal this trip. Ten minutes later though, he tells me he wishes he was a lawyer so he could sue a medical facility for not providing medication that his daughter needs. She didn't bother showing up to an appointment she had, so they cut off her medication until she made another appointment.

Better examples coming, but this is where it starts. Only they personally are worth being helped, others are not. Other people shouldn't be allowed to frivolously sue, just him.

Next is social security and medicare/medicaid. No discussion with my right wing friends on this one, their actions show how they think. They vote for tea party conservatives that are hell bent on destroying safety nets, yet they use all of those nets.

They are worth it, you are not.

But this is the example that shows plainly how fucked up their thought processes really are. I have a conservative neighbor who has a tree they want removed from their yard. They go through the association to get it approved, saying that they will cover the cost of the new bush they put in. 

Now these are people that don't want a dime of association monies being spent on anything. They turned off the sprinkling system last summer to save dollars, while ruining my lawn, (that only happened once, after Jo and I got done with them, they know never to touch anything like that again). But this is a common occurrence, we want something done to improve the community, they want to fight about the money being spent. Very cheap.

So here's the deal. When they say they will pay for the bush to replace the tree, that is all they intend to pay. Most of the cost is labor removing the old tree and planting the new one. That cost they want the association to pay.

Because they are worth any cost, but the rest of are not.

I think this is the general attitude of conservatives. Not just by what you see in national news, but in their daily lives. Individually they are as morally bankrupt as their party, which makes them a danger to society. They do not want safety nets, except for themselves, they do not want prosperity for all, just for themselves. They do not want legal protection, except for themselves.

All the poor, not worth anything. All the sick, not worth anything. All the non-working, not worth it.

Soon everyone will have to face the fact that none of these people have society's best interest at heart. 

Fight back dammit.

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