Monday, August 29, 2011

Dreams of Liars

I have wondered what it is that religious leaders get out of the nonsense they spout. Is there a prize for the idiot that comes up with the most outlandish story? It is hard for me to think that every priest, pastor or whatever, believes in the nonsense he spouts. Churches should be labeled as social networking groups and capitalists and not be classified as anything else.

It is only big business, and the only ones who might really believe are those easily duped. If it was labeled a capitalistic adventure, like psychic hotlines and other nonsense should be, I could almost understand. But seemingly, even the psychics don't have to label themselves truthfully. There are those who believe in psychics, so I would think you would have to put them in the same exact category as religion. I don't want to see a psychic hotline saying that their service is for entertainment, I want them to man up and label themselves fiction.

They are no worse or better than religion.

Maybe conspiracists are hoping to be founders of a money making venture? It has already worked for politicians, think of the birthers and the right wing funded organizations who use outright lies to raise funds. Smearing the president with false accusations then raising money to continue the lies. Swift boat a candidate and make money doing so. That would also seem to fit in with the rest; and should be labeled as the rest. It is not politics, it is the representation of falsehoods as fact. I don't want conspiracy theorists given any degree of substantiation in the public discourse, I want it plainly labeled, "we're a bunch of fucking liars that want your money."

Again, they are no better or worse than religion.

All the above examples, and more, should be categorized as dreams and lies; fiction if you like. 

It would seem that all the dreams of liars are only useful in the business of making money. Possibly with some, controlling certain sections of the populace is also a goal, but that translates easily into cash as well.

It would be fun if the churches were more like corporations. Sure, I'll buy a thousand shares of catholicism today, maybe a thousand shares of scientology tomorrow, a little evangelical stock the day after. Then grab some Koch brothers supported crap to keep a balanced portfolio. 

All things human are not even close to being good for all humans.

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