Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Audio video by Michel here.

Giving us the hard sell describing life in hell
pastors love brimstone fire they think life is dire
their need to plant the seed to the losers who heed
the voice of fantasy object apostasy
outweighs all the comfort of the blind that report
the pain and torture and suffering that religion's leaders keep ignoring

A long and useless life that is filled with much strife
is the curse of the church that needs no rebirth
there will be no relief from the constant belief
that haunts society destroys commonality
humans that inhabit the planet like rabbits
religion causes the social rift lies about death that pretend to uplift

Small towns and big cities infested with abbeys
the stench of foolish lies attract plentiful flies
that perch on dirty mounds on the stories unbound
devised by the unlearned who were never concerned
with your prosperity only their charity
that they think that only they deserve while feeling this pain you can only sneer

At the words that they say at the start of the day
that are meant to ensnare but their lies you will bare
to lift all of mankind from the priests dark design
while theists in waiting continue the hating
we continue the fight debating what is right
lifting the people into the light and removing them from religion's sight

masses in misery religious sovereignty
take the easy way out dismissing all your doubt
masses who are unlearned are easy to govern
with sour beliefs and tales that are doomed to fail
when used as instruction priests have no compunction
the masses living in ignorance gives religions delight and great bliss

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