Monday, August 1, 2011


Some choices are hard, some choices are easy and some choices do not exist.

Listening to a conversation between a couple of friends, the topic of how catholic churches teach, or use, different methods was brought up. One makes a statement that she didn't care for part of her daughter's catholic school curriculum. Well, not curriculum, but how they start off the day. 

The first part of class is reciting the pledge to allegiance. No problem for her there, but then they do an allegiance to the crucifix. What she doesn't care for is that while doing this pledge, they stretch out their arm in a, "heil hitler," type of salute, except palm up. She didn't like the imagery, which I can understand.

The other friend makes a comment that the church is the church and there's nothing wrong with that weird salute, regardless that no other church they know of is doing the same. The church is all about choices.

Though I try to ignore, the choice thing I find pretty funny.

So I jump into the conversation. First, I compliment the catholic schools as usually providing a fairly decent education. I bring up evolution and how religious people need to wrap their religion around the facts; that, "in the beginning," crap could have been comprised of billions of years.

I'm surprised, he states he thinks evolution is a fact; excellent. 

Then I tell him that the last statistics I've looked at stated that a little more than half of all catholics believe in creation. His response is that the church is all about choice. 

Imagine that.

I used a juvenile response, "does two time two equal four, or do I have a choice and can make it five? Is the church cool with that as well?"

Either facts or facts or they're not facts, there is no choice.

He stumbles and mumbles, but cannot respond.

So much for that conversation.

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