Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Walk on the Beach

For those who would like to listen,  A Walk on the Beach.mp3

Sunday morning knees missing the sea paying the fee for sins and mercy
while heathens feel no need to kneel since what is real is immune to the faithful
a walk on the beach puts ideas in reach that teach not preach
a run in the surf's bubbling mirth as you swerve from life unearthed

We persevere making it clear life we revere shouldn't be feared
if there's a plan it was made by man life takes a stand against the scam
priest is a middleman a businessman that really began as the bogeyman
the fools with their rules make children tools in their schools
We need a purge to emerge and converge on a surge
that limits and inhibits the thickets of bishops
we exist to assist those who resist fantasies twist
on what is real this is the ordeal to reveal and not conceal

For man is the buzz he's a whiz at the quiz
priestly assassins in their mansions filled with contradictions and immoral passions
from the womb leading us to doom as they presume in their costumes
to pretend they transcend those who are condemned and resent
the attack on humanity with a tenacity that lavishly destroys reality

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