Monday, January 9, 2012


I was walking the beach today and came across an ugly example of human idiocy. Empty containers from a fast food joint that at one time contained burgers, fries and cokes. Well, maybe tacos, nachos and a root beer; who knows, didn't examine too closely.

I've read here and there others who have had a distaste for people who seem to enjoy leaving their garbage for others to clean up. It's an odd habit, one I don't understand. Even though I don't have the immaculate home that others have, I don't walk out into the world throwing my shit around.

Do people that have clean homes throw their garbage in the street?

It is not a problem in most places I'm at. Sometimes high traffic areas get messy, but if it's high traffic someone is probably going to get paid to clean it up. I guess the mess hits harder when it is an isolated incident. Those that inhabit the beach usually like it clean themselves.

Doesn't matter I guess, probably upbringing.

What came to mind while walking, walking, walking; was that religion is a special kind of litter itself. As life comes into the world minds are pristine. Perfect creatures to be imprinted with the best that mankind can offer. Instead, at an early age, the waste starts building up.

Religion litters the thought process. Where reason is fairly straight forward and shows almost immediate results, religion wanders around the synapses fucking up all our thoughts. Instead of a child studying a blade of grass and wondering, "how does it grow," he walks on it not caring. If he sees a bird flying through the clouds, he can easily accept that birds fly, and that clouds form, without needing to understand why.

God crushes the desire to know. The answer is already there; magic.

As children go through school, some will want to know why things happen as they do, others will not because they believe they already have the answer. Those that grow up wondering "why" invent and explain what information our senses gather. Those that grow up content in the knowledge that there is no other solution to the world than god, do not. Though good schools, whether religious or not, do turn out thinkers; what a challenge to overcome. What if a child never had the litter of religion to clean up before they could move into the realm of reality? How much greater would the world's knowledge be?

Religion turns the minds of our children into a wasteland.

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