Friday, January 13, 2012


I look at the gulf through the bars of the tall fence-like structure that protects the condo inhabitants from falling off; guess old people aren't very bright. The image of a jail comes to mind. Not sure for the moment if it is me that is imprisoned, or the warm waters of the gulf. I would think that even though I can go touch the waters, the resources are not for me, they are for the rich.

For many people in the world are imprisoned; at least they are prevented from using the resources that are available. Whether it is from empire building, where we take or buy the resources in their natural form and make crap out of it to sell back to those who owned the resources in the first place, or chance put them in a land without resources; regardless, they are in jail. Then there are areas where resources are being held by private companies that hold, or try to hold, countries hostage.

On a personal level, we are all in a jail that's getting larger. Big business is doing its best to ruin the gulf, its been over fished so slowly dying, and there is not a damn thing anyone can do about it. We can protest, sign petitions, talk to our elected officials; yet big business will keep on killing. In MI, they want to drill for oil off the lakeshore. Instead of wind power, lets kill another environment. My drinking water is effected by the factory farm down the road, my food sources isolated as Monsanto winnows the food supply.

I've been reading about Blue Lake in Alaska. The last I heard a portion of the water had been bought and was going to be sent to India. India, which will probably be the first country to use up that life giving resource. We sell pristine water that is this countries natural resource; are you receiving money for the loss? The resources of this country belong to its citizens, not the few who inhabit wealthy world. This is not a humanitarian endeavor only basic capitalism.

Every part of life costs. An easily foreseeable future is watching people die because the resources they once had are used up, or have been sold to the highest bidder.

I am in jail, fed with what someone wants to feed me, watered with whatever fluid some company claims is healthy for me. From the time I'm born until the time I'm dead I'm a slave. My time is not mine, my life is not mine. As resources become the property of individuals or big business, we work so we're allowed to consume the resources that we need to live.

Working together to solve problems that dwindling resources will create would be the preferable solution. One that will not happen because money runs the world.

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