Thursday, January 3, 2013

In the mind of a theist, god created everything. According to the christian right, he created the earth, water and air; apparently for us to destroy. Burning fossil fuels, poisoning your food, willfully torturing our cousins; you name it, they will ravage it all. This is not my imagination, it is vocalized constantly when I'm chatting with my conservative friends. When an industry pollutes the environment, they gleefully say "that's freedom!" A mindset that spells ruin for the many. Many conservative christians believe that capitalism is the freedom to destroy you and yours.
"The hand of god scooped up some dirt
desiring pain and agony
with our futures he would flirt
creating flawed man for sinning
some were delighted
some were dismayed
some decided to fight it
some the fantasy swayed"
God is perfection and has a plan for all, unfortunately that means agony and torture for the many. Yet he is the designer of all things that grow, and all things that change. He is the mover of planets and stars, he is the origin of all that is right. He created you then gave you free will, punishing you for not knowing the difference between right and wrong; making sure he had plenty of souls to torment. His intelligence is weak, no science to be found. Magic is what rules his world.
"A story for cretins, fairy tales for infants
a blueprint for destruction a plan for man
a vision for the future created in an instant
a vision for death the only plan
blind eyes see nothing
deaf ears hear nothing
a mute tongue says nothing
a closed mind is nothing"
Revel in reality. Embrace this life, for we know there is no other. Aware of the odds that put us on this planet, but not owing that life to any master. No slavery comes from science, only from myth. Put me on that underground railroad and set my mind free. I need nothing from the mystics, nothing from the oracles, nothing from the mediums, nothing from the slaves of god.
"Worries about a next life ruining your only life
hell and damnation awaits those who live
punishment is cruel, just ask Lot's wife
your life is the lord's and he expects you to give
give him your work, your earnings, your mind
give him the blood he dearly craves
give him allegiance that only the blind
give in futility and carry to the grave"

Spaceships rocket into space, jets fly across the planet, buildings rise, doctors heal, mathematics explain life, life sciences map out our history, morality we embrace to survive; all done without a god.
"Why worry the thought open your eyes
to the joy of a living planet
no time to waste hoping for a prize
the future is not chiseled in granite
the planet spins without fool's spells
the planet evolves if we don't kill
the planet will survive without hell
the planet we should enjoy never getting our fill"
In the beginning there was a beginning. Hundreds of millions of years for life to form. No magic no spells, only the steadily forward motion of life. God didn't create it, the ingredients for life exist everywhere. God didn't create it, the slow hands of time encouraged it. God didn't build it, only perverted the morals of man. God didn't build it, science observes the reality. God didn't build it, his mind is small, his morals corrupt, his commands atrocious. God didn't give you the right to wreck a planet, you use him to justify your greed.
God didn't build it, we did. Take responsibility

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