Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A lovely lesbian couple, who are friends of my wife, have been partners for many years. They are the kind of friends who are always ready to lend a hand, a shoulder or even a vehicle. They have two children who were adopted by one of the ladies, since the laws in Michigan frown on same sex couples adopting children. One of the ladies became ill a few years back, and was saved by the other donating a kidney. For those of us who have escaped the false morals of religion, this would be an act of love. For those who are still trapped in one of the holy books, this relationship has been blessed by Satan. Ignorance runs amok.
Religious leaders appear to think that humanity's morality rests on a single debate; how does humankind determine what is right and what is wrong? They deride any thinking that science should have any input. Studies that state sexual orientations are predicated at birth are not to be pondered. Genetic orientation is a fable; as if a theist could actually identify fables.
In the beginning, if you're a fundamental theist, god's command was to be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it. If you are unable to procreate, you are in opposition to god's command. You must subdue the earth; which apparently many theists interpret as an endless bounty to command and consume, as they willfully destroy the planet. 
If you have ever wondered why fundamentalists affirm that the earth is young, it is easy to understand that by being unrelenting in that belief, you shut out science. You shut out the thought that morals developed as a way for man to survive and multiply; you'd rather pretend that morals were set first and man survived because he followed them. 
Back to reality.
Most everyone at every age has experienced love. It is one of the strongest emotions we all share, and happily, the one emotion that has separated many a follower from their god. 

So here we have a same sex couple who feel the same love as heterosexual couples. We recognize it in their actions. They know the same fear of loss that we do, the same growing nausea that the thought of losing our partner may bring. They share the same soft, warm kisses that we do. They hear the same melody; deep yet bright, strong even in a whisper, a slowly building crescendo that climaxes with the next touch. Their heart skips a beat just like ours at the sight of a loved one.

Those of reason see what many theists apparently do not; the similarities of our love. Some close their eyes and refuse to reason. For the willfully ignorant, those who love people of the same gender are doomed to fiery pits of hell. Eternal suffering for those who do not use a book of fables as their moral guidance. The devil and his demons should dance with glee at your pain; in their minds it is deserved.

There should be no respect given to theists who think that love, charity, respect; or greed, lust and envy, are anything more than the nature of man. Theists rebel against any science that confirms our social tendencies to be evolutionary in nature. Rebelling against the notion that humankind's perception of good can change as our understanding of the world evolves. Theirs is a static world of ignorance, a never changing view of life that denigrates any actions of human civility not condoned by the book of lies.

I could feel sorry for the theists who are trapped in a world bereft of reason, a world lacking in compassion for all the variety of life, but it is of their own choosing. Possibly it's an evolutionary trait that is no longer needed, and I should feel sorry for those last remnants of an animal whose world is based on fear and punishment, but I will not. Coddling fools might slow down the end of their extinction, but I'd rather let nature take its course.

Knowing a person's, or even a people's, history, makes it much harder to despise or hate that person or group. It showcases a problem that so many Americans indulge in; ignorance. To believe in myths and stories that identify groups as evil is the ultimate in willful ignorance, they shut their eyes to truth to protect that ignorance that comes hand in hand with their beliefs. We can never be free to live our lives as we wish as long as theists are in charge. They believe they are free, not understanding that, (paraphrased) you cannot be ignorant and free.

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