Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Planet - January 16, 2013

If you watched Anderson Cooper last night, you know he went after the Sandy Hook conspiracists. Whack jobs from every nook and cranny in the U.S. have come together to spit on the good people of Newtown, people who are grieving for the loss of their sons and daughters. Since he, (Anderson), is part of the despicable main stream media, why listen to him when it's easier and more fun to just make stuff up?
This is not going to be a nice post, so move on if you can't stand profanity.
You gone?
These mother fucking cretins are shitting on the lives of their fellow Americans. They don't give a fuck about the dead. And, to make matters worse, they have a professor in their midst. James Tracy, a professor at Florida Atlantic University is claiming that the shootings were handled by the government, that mourning parents are actors, that none of this really happened.
I guess you don't have to be a tea chugging moron to be nuttier than a pound of pistachios.
To understand the crazy, look at this guy; another conspiracist. The mindset of a human pig. Look at the books behind him, which are probably every book he's ever fucking read except for the bible, and you will notice a common theme. Even his site shows that reality is something he's unfamiliar with, it's called the stench of truth. Yeah, truth stinks bitch, that's why you make up your own version of reality.
Did this guy make you mad? Should we ignore because he's in the minority? That's what liberals do, we reason our way out of bitch slapping this guy back to his poor mother's womb. 
I was kind of hoping his head would explode, but severely disappointed once again. I know I'm supposed to be a peaceful liberal, but if this guy was ranting like this in my presence, I'd break the little bitch.
Back to the professor. He is ranting about how he may lose his job, which he claims doesn't bother him since if free speech is not allowed at his university, he doesn't want to be there anyway. I guess he thinks he's taking the high ground, sorry little one, yelling fire is not protected speech. There are sites and videos that I will not post calling this puke a "hero" and a "patriot." It would seem that dumping on your fellow humans is a noble profession.
The comments that gleefully commend this ass wipe for speaking up are atrocious. What little minds humans actually have:
"Great work professor! We are out here and we support you! And for all those cooks who can’t handle any other possibilities besides what is spoon-fed them by the talking heads on TV: “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it” – Aristotle"
Yeah, great work belittling the pain and suffering of your fellow man.
"We must appreciate the message the regime is sending to would be public intellectuals nation wide: those who raise questions are the most evil of morally depraved monsters. We should also recognize the coincidence of this tragedy, and the consequent possibility of the disarming of the (largely) rural poor at a time of concomitant movement of power up from the people toward the new billionaire financial aristocracy worldwide. If indeed this is theater, then its role in the global action against the people of the West is clear: a concerted effort to deprive rural people of their estimable concrete power of arms, who might join even in struggles to liberate cities captured by the rapidly-accelerating machinery of scarcity and austerity–launched through the mechanisms of social-sovereign debt–struggles possibly against the rise of new kings and brutal plutocrats, especially as our nation itself is on the verge of total collapse at the mercy of the global financiers."
Dumbass. What power of arms? And what the hell are you talking about? 
Even the older gentleman who emotionally discussed the event after taking in 6 children who ran from the massacre is a target. According to the conspiracy dudes, he's either a liar or a child molester. Soon none of us will partake in a charitable act, the lunatics will turn us all into hermits of the soul; afraid to help because of the target it draws on our acts of compassion.
Too many Americans are way too invested in their little, stupid fucking, uncaring, worlds. Immoral little bitches gleefully bullying those who had sons and daughters die in a brutal massacre. Whether it's 9/11, whether it is a natural disaster like Katrina; these people live on our torment, our sadness and our humanity.
I know that bullshit is tossed our way at every corner as we take that walk through life. I know propaganda surrounds us and tries to beat our minds into submission. But really, sobbing parents are a main stream media lie? Dead children a lie? A whole town participating in a government scam to control your fucking weapons. Fuck you.
This country does need a war. A war against stupidity. A war against the morons who hate life so much that they must scorn it at every opportunity. The dumb asses who make a buck off of tormenting those who only desire support, not a conspiracy. I hate the cowards. I hate the yammering that confuses reality, I hate their pretense at being men.
Is it freedom to fuck with your neighbor, or does the freedom reside in the neighbor kicking you in the balls for fucking with him? Please come to me you little fucking cowards. Take a break from jacking off for a moment and get off that couch. I'll be happy to show you what a man is. Bring your fucking guns you little pissants, bring your moronic ignorance and little balls; come to papa.

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