Friday, December 14, 2012


If you're heading out to catch the new movie at a theater, if you're headed to work, if your child attends school; death apparently might be an end result. Shopping malls, military bases; nowhere is safe. The problem doesn't reside in only large cities, today's shooting at Newtown, Connecticut proves this. Twenty children dead. The horror is unfathomable. The thought of parents being notified that their young child is deceased unimaginable. Twenty gone in a flash, twenty that will never have the chance to experience all life has to give.
Twenty children.
Six adults lost their lives as well, more than likely trying to protect the children. Either heroes protecting their charges, or shot down running for their lives, it makes no difference. We will call them heroes because that's how we disguise the violence that is American society.

Unspeakable acts of violence we Americans commit. The NRA is possibly one of the strongest lobbying groups in the country and we already know what their response will be. They state there will be no response until all the facts have been gathered, but it's always the same; we need more guns. The NRA is run by a group that must be afraid to shop, eat out or watch a movie without a gun. Why else would they promote this insanity? Cowards. They say if someone involved in a mass killing had a gun they could have protected the innocent. Lying bastards. How would someone carrying a gun help? They'd have to have a gun in their lap, a bullet chambered and the safety off to be quick enough to stop death. If you feel the need to be armed in public, then there is something wrong with you, and that wrongness is permeating and destroying our society.

There seems to be no end in sight. No stricter guns laws will be legislated. The democrats have given up on this issue because of the unexplainable popularity of owning weapons with the American public. 
In 2011 81% of gun owners in a bipartisan poll said they support background checks for all gun sales. Yet the NRA keeps this from happening. After the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords, an undercover team went to a gun show in Arizona to see how easy it was to buy arms. What they found out was that no background check was needed, they purchased a Glock 9 millimeter and two high capacity magazines in minutes. Similar to the weapon used on Giffords. Not only was it easy to purchase, but it was sold to the undercover investigator after he told the arms dealer that he probably couldn't pass a background check.

MSNBC did an investigation on the ease of purchasing a gun as well. They looked at all the guns being sold online. They set up meetings with the owners of guns to sell in popular mall parking lots. Within 12 hours they purchased 8 guns, no background search needed; even after hinting that the buyer was a criminal. They managed to buy a 50-caliber weapon that could take down a helicopter, no questions asked.
But everything is cool. In fact, conservatives have decided that the more guns in schools, the better for all.
In Michigan, where conservative lawmakers have been on the move to pass legislation that we the people hate before their lame duck session is over, the carry and conceal laws were updated yesterday. If Governor Snyder signs the bill, there will be no safe havens in the state. The bill opens up designated "gun free zones." In my state of crazy conservative rule, you will be able to conceal and carry a weapon in schools, in churches and in large entertainment venues. Plus, it speeds up the process of getting those weapons. I dislike homeschooling, but screw this. Want to go watch the Lions play the Bears? Grab a gun and head to Ford Field, if the Bears are winning I guess you can shoot the quarterback.
Excuse the language but it can not be helped, these bastards are destroying American society.
Forty nine states currently have carry and conceal laws, with Illinois probably joining the rest soon. Anyone you see on the street could be armed. Anyone that you see could have experienced a recent traumatic experience. Any person can pull out a weapon and start shooting. Looking with distrust at every human you see will be great for our social interactions.
We never think about this until another tragedy hits. After a few weeks, everything will be what we have deemed, the norm. Normal for most of us, except for those who have lost a loved one.

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