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The Weekly Planet - April 28, 2012

The Planet Politics
The presidential race is about to get started, but not much in the way of fireworks yet. Until Romney picks his running mate, for the most part I'm going to ignore. Last week we looked at old, washed-up, has been Ted Nugent, who Romney actively sought support from. The Secret Service talked to the old windbag, but apparently found Nugent's threats to be hot air. Much to his dismay, the old, washed up, has been, brain dead rocker was cancelled from a Fort Knox concert in June because of his remarks about Obama. 
I dislike spending time on the old screwup, but there are at least a couple of reasons for doing so. Recently he pleaded guilty to the charge that he transported an illegally killed black bear. This from an episode of his "Spirit of the Wild," show. Basically, he, like apparently all conservatives, live above the law. It's a recurring theme, they know better than you how you should behave, while never actually walking the talk. Also, when you look at his anti-Obama rhetoric, you must realize that he is not alone when it comes to expressing his distaste for our president.
Since the start of his 2008 campaign Obama has been the blunt of conversation that is based on hate. Whether because of someone's conservative views, or straight out racist views, the highest office in the land has been denigrated by these jackals. The death threats against the president are 400 percent higher since the inauguration. The tone of political and religious discourse only contributes to the problem. In 2009 you had this fine upstanding pastor telling it like it is. Steven Anderson, a baptist pastor, made these remarks:
"What goes around comes around. You love violence. You hate that which is right. You love to harm others. You love to hurt or kill the unborn or the innocent or the righteous. He is saying, God is going to bring that upon your own head, because whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
Now, turn back to Psalm 58 and let me ask you this question. Why should Barack Obama melt like a snail? Why should Barack Obama die like the untimely birth of a woman? Why should his children be fatherless and his wife a widow, as we read in this passage?
Well, I will tell you why. Because, since Barack Obama thinks it is OK to use a salty solution, right, to abort the unborn, because that's how abortions are done, my friend, using salt -- and I would like to see Barack Obama melt like a snail tonight."
I could fill up a dozen blogs with examples of how the right treats the president. Whether it's the Fox news pundits lies, the immoral evangelicals and their constant whining, or politicians telling him simply, "you lie!" There is not an ounce of respect from these neanderthals. 
If you are a liberal, it is hard to respond to the nonsense, and even possible danger, that the right promotes. We know that science, logic and critical thinking are not appreciated or even understood by mainstream conservatives these days. I think we have to find a method of communication that is easily understood by all, and that method has finally come to light in a doone discussion; mockery. Whether it's mocking creationists as Andrew Sullivan promotes, or mocking the education buffoons like Colbert did, this is the most fun a liberal can have these days. It's a fine line we have to walk; keep it separate from disdain, which is too serious, and lighten the conversation up with laughter.
I think even an old, washed up, has been, brain dead, pig screwing, writer of misogynist bad rock, demented fleabag like Ted Nugent, would really hate to be the brunt of everyone's jokes. 
Go for it.
Editor's Note: My apologies for bringing numbnuts back for a second week. For all his fans - like his NRA bitches will ever find their way to this site - all I can say is, "get a life."

The Planet Hates Women
Not "The Weekly Planet," but the planet in general. Why is all the violence allowed to stand? If you have not been involved in the, "Why Do They Hate Us," discussion posted by Adriana, you need to go there now. It concentrates on Middle Eastern craziness, but this is happening to some degree worldwide. Every week I'm going to bring up this subject until I understand it fully. This is not only religious in nature, by its nature it must also include a struggle for power and dominance; yet I do not understand why that needs to be. 
Today Planned Parenthood Advocates are protesting nation wide. You will have to google your state to see where, but it is happening now. There are two going on in Michigan today, I'm hoping to make it to the Lansing one to stand with them. For liberals, get your rears out the door and find one. I am of the mind that this is one of the most important subjects in this year's election. Find them, join them and have a discussion. Think of your mother, your sisters, your daughters, your wives and go fight. Especially us ugly white guys; there's nothing more unsettling to a conservative than white males taking the other side. Smile wide for the cameras, talk to anyone who will listen.
Even if it is impossible for you to do so today, you can take a stand almost weekly. Everywhere there's a Planned Parenthood facility, there's a few dumbasses protesting. Go mess with them, it'll feel good. We've let this nonsense continue, year after year, and it will never stop unless we get out there. I don't call for activism often, I'm happy to go out and make my position known without needing company, but when will you decide that you've had enough? 
Don't you know anyone that has had to take the, "walk of shame," to get help? I do and it's bullshit. Excuse my aggravation please, but this just riles me up. I start talking about this and all I want to do is grab one of those religious protestors that are to be found with their stupid posters and shove said poster up their ass. Hey buddy, I have a place for that cross.
God, I hate your people.
I can't seem to get my mind off gender inequality today. In Tunisia, universities and women are under attack. Salafist militias are demanding prayer rooms be opened and are mandating that full veils be worn even during exams. When I talk about power and dominance, I am also talking education. If you look at where global conflicts occur today, you are looking at the same places where education is under attack. Keeping them illiterate makes life easy.
In the U.S., where student debt has exceeded a trillion dollars, legislation to help is being stalled by our unfriendly conservatives in office by linking it to women's health. Orange, blowhard, crybaby Boehner denies there's a war on woman while at the same time linking the student loan crisis with women's health. Boehner thinks that the, "Prevention and Public Health Fund," is a slush fund. You know, things like, "cancer screening, child immunizations and programs designed to help people quit smoking and eat right," hinders our freedom to be idiots. We should, "cut funds for cervical cancer screening, breast cancer screening," and all the rest of the stuff that women don't need. 
So even though this should be about education, it's really about those damn women. I wish conservatives would just man up and tell us the truth.
Okay, education Neal.
Paul Ryan's budget plan would cut funding for higher education for ten million disadvantaged youths and adults, thank you sir. Though some conservatives are starting to distance themselves from his budget plan, Ryan is a possible running mate for Romney. His plan would destroy the Pell Grants program by reducing funding over the next few years to where the program would be ineffective. 
Take a look here at what this man wishes to accomplish. It is your basic conservative strategy, rape the children and poor and give it all to the rich. 
Homeschooling advocates are traumatized by Obama's request that all high school students stay in school until they have graduated or turn eighteen. Oh, the humanity! Taking away their educational freedoms! Parents, not the government, should be in control of how long their child should remain in school according to home schooling advocates. And if these parents are all knuckle dragging theists, they will get their kids out before they learn enough to think for themselves.
Conservatives are the only ones who can distort a fine word like freedom to stand for stupid.
Republicans That Don't Totally Suck
Well, for me, they all suck today. I guess that the conservative senators who joined democrats in passing a version of the Violence Against Women Act would be deserving of some credit if it wasn't for the fact that it will never get through the House.
I have tried to include this part of The Planet to praise conservatives for doing something actually good for the country; not much luck with that. I see no future for moderates of either party, both are under attack. 
For any conservatives reading, I'll throw you a bone. The fine Senator from Alaska, Lisa Murkowski, has made it clear that she supports contraceptive rights and is pro-choice. Unfortunately she only says that to her constituents. When it comes time for a vote, she bends under conservative pressure and doesn't vote for her beliefs. 
When it is time to look for a republican leader who doesn't totally suck, it seems to be easiest to start with women who are not southerners; I wonder why that is.
The south, especially on the conservative side, seems to be the home of all that is wrong in politics today. The north isn't doing much better. I miss the times when you could count on northern conservatives to be more rational than their southern counterparts; that difference appears to be, if not gone, quickly dwindling. 
Final Thought
Robert Jordan, who initially tried to get a job with the local police force in the mid 90's, has been in and out of court over not being considered for the job. The problem Jordan had? Too smart.
Apparently the police in Connecticut only seek candidates with an average IQ, citing that a highly intelligent person would become, "bored," with the job.
I'm not sure about anyone else, and I do have respect for the officers that I have undesirably come into contact with, but don't we want intelligence behind that gun? I think this is possibly the first case of discrimination I have heard centering on high intelligent levels.
It will be a fun day in court when some enterprising young lawyer defends his client on the premise that the officer wasn't smart enough to understand the situation and came to a wrong conclusion.

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