Monday, April 2, 2012

The Chosen

Sitting at the pearly gates
waiting for god to decide my fate
I tried hard to live a good life
took care of family especially my wife
no killing or stealing or raping
a man with morals who believes in ultimate meaning
I should sit high on his list
a devoted and humble Baptist
Apparently I made one mistake
guess this whole thing was just a sweepstake
how was I supposed to pick and choose?
though supposedly I had enough clues
the religion that god mandated
the one that was top rated
a silly mess of tangled noodles
must have been picked for the giggles
An atheist thought I had tried to ignore
was the one I was supposed to adore
the one god chose to populate heaven
I guess he likes scientists instead of brethren
even the almighty would like a discussion
something more than a bleak confession
the infinitely old little bugger
chose the followers of the flying spaghetti monster

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