Monday, July 18, 2011

The Worthy Life

For those who'd rather listen, an audio version is here.

I think secularists, to the degree they may be familiar, know how to value objects, thoughts and people. How about our friendly theists?

Here are a few christian thoughts concerning all the ways that there are of walking worthy of the lord.

One thought from the bible is, "that you might walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him," which is really stating that every pursuit you have should be devoted to pleasing jesus. 

Now that's a tough act. Which Jesus should they please, the one who promoted the "turn the other cheek" thought or the one who brought hell into being. Compassion or evil, which characterization of jesus is the right one?

I do see a lot of fig tree cursing from my neighbors going on, does that count?

Another thought states that walking worthy is continually bearing the right type of fruit. Ouch. Which parable to use, eeny meeny miny moe, ah fuck it, you're all going to hell. Basically the fruit shit just means that if you live a life adoring jesus, you will be fruitful, (in whatever fruit manner appeals to you). If you are an atheist, you will go to hell; not a very fruity way to live.

Christian conservatives do not bear the right type of fruit, so even they don't understand the concept of fruitiness; which would appear to be contradictory, since they have definitely embraced the fruity thoughts concept. And really, this is a valid point; fruitful labor is to be done with compassion for others. Think about that when you hear another christian politician talking about ripping away safety nets for the poor and elderly; you know there's not a drop of compassion in their fruity minds.

Next comes the thought that you should continually increase your knowledge of god. That could be thought of as a feat for the dim, especially if they go for both books. 

Life is short people.

How about continually receiving god's strength as a way of walking worthy? That one would seem to be easy enough. I mean, according to Paul he can do all things through christ who strengthens him. Probably not herculean, but more like the ability to accomplish.

The usual biblical shit, man is not capable of accomplishments without help; kiss my ass jesus, I've done fine without you.

I like the next way you can walk worthy. God will build patience and longsuffering into your way of life. Ah, that longsuffering word doesn't look like fun, but according to the worthy who have studied, it means calmness in christian life. Everyone knows you're a fruit, but be patient and calm and wait. 

That is another statement I detest with vigor. It's saying, don't worry, god's in control. It's saying don't be concerned with the debate that life is. Do not jump in the fray and accomplish good things. Sit back, have a beer and a smoke, it's all taken care of.

The last worthy, (unworthy?), thought of the day involves continually giving joyful praise to god. Oh god, you are the coolest, the smartest, the bestest, you are the main god, a mighty god who uses the best deodorant. Hey god, someone's shit doesn't stink, (wink, wink).  

These thoughts describe walking worthy of god, but have no substantial worthiness. This has nothing to do with their worth to a supernatural being. Theist worth is based on the controls that they accept by those who want to manipulate them into a state of acceptance of their lot in life. This is deep control, spending every second of every hour of every day of every fucking year thinking nonsense. Though I speak mostly of christianity, muslims getting down on their knees five times a day keeps the mind centered on nothing as well.

I think that if theists do achieve anything in this state of mind control, don't give them any encouragement; it was totally an accident. 

Fucking fruits.

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