Monday, July 11, 2011

Strike Zone

Christians are the norm though their minds will never form 
into something that creates instead of procreates
cause you can't really think if your minds in the sink
and you allow what you feel to hide and conceal
the reality that is cause you can't pass the quiz

Stay under that rock pop since your cause is a big flop
we know the whole truth for we are the main sleuths
maybe now you run the show but it's only a fading glow
like a fire's cooling embers your mind can't remember
the simple little fact of a thought that's too abstract

Lift your head and pray no one hears what you say
worship the lord man cause your without a good plan
wander over the earth destroying all man's worth
Your time is almost over you see it when you're sober
soon you'll be a dying line and that will be a good sign

Now we are on the outside hanging on the bright side
our time is soon to come while your brain remains numb
maybe you're the boss now neanderthal with a bony brow
maybe you're on top now but you'll soon be going down
soon you'll be alone while we are in the strike zone

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