Monday, July 4, 2011

Jose Can You See: Class Warfare IV

As another fourth of July is celebrated in the United States, we should remember that we are the immigrants. Immigrants that took what they wanted, however they could get their hands on it. 

Population estimates range from a little over 2 million to eight million indigenous people living in the United States when the European illegal immigrants first started to colonize. Bringing disease and war, they took this country from its original inhabitants.

I remember in school reading about how the first European settlers "discovered" the land we live in. It never sank in when I was a young man that names like the state where I was mostly raised, (Illinois), wasn't much of a European derived word. The rivers and mountains and land already had names, the names that were given by those who inhabited the land before our arrival. 

Illegal immigration are buzzwords that we hear almost daily, though it is hardly ever mentioned that the Europeans that live here, each and every one, were at one time illegal immigrants.

For a glaring example of religious defective mentality; think, "manifest destiny." 

Now we have an influx of hispanic people, most looking to find work, safety and hoping their children are able to prosper. The american dream baby.

But so many white bastards I know hate the thought of immigration. And they hate it in an incomprehensible manner. People adorning the bumpers of their cars with bumper stickers proclaiming that we should, "protect our borders," yet, their children are marrying said immigrants. My bleached ass family has hispanic blood running through the veins of grandchildren, yet still hate immigration. It's as though they pretend that everyone in the family is still a pristine nordic pallor, amazing.

To get away from personal remarks, anyone who can generate a bit of brain juice can figure out that it is the plutocracy running the country that keeps immigration in its current state. Wealth loves cheap labor, and why allow immigrants to become citizens when that means that they would then enjoy the rights of american workers?

To take that a step farther, I think it is exactly the reason that conservatives are after workers rights. If they destroy the unions, get rid of minimum wage laws, get rid of child protection laws; they can then justify immigration reform. It will give them workers  that are used to working for pennies and destroy any attempts to maintain a living wage for the populace. 

Class warfare continues.

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