Monday, June 30, 2014

The Planet - June 30, 2014

The religious have decided to go all in. In a mad rush to create a theocracy, they have doomed themselves, and apparently the rest of us. Their zeal to demolish democracy is unmatched, their inherent inability to think critically is their holy path to emulation.
The Hobby Lobby decision shows that religious freedom no longer exists. If you work for a christian company, you will follow christian dogma, if you work for a muslim company, you will be guided by the light of allah. No longer do you have the freedom to be religious, or non-religious, during most of your life. 
I did send a message to the SCOTUS godcocksuckers, it was the least I could do:
Dear Conservative Fools,
Thanks so much for hurrying the decline of religion in the states. The idiocy that religion brings to our daily lives will now finally end. As soon as Burkas are required in some businesses, and Pastafarians refuse to pay for prescription antacids - tomato sauce is holy fools - then we can finally place religion where it belongs, in the trash bin of history.
Thanks, you guys rock!
Then, still in a fit of rage, I sent a message to Hobby Lobby through the Becket Foundation for god botherers. Ah, it is fun to rant a little.
If you're not pissed, you better be soon. Do you think "theocracy" is a little overboard in this discussion? Here's what Hobby Lobby puts in newspapers every forth of July:
Nice. Sounds like they're an all inclusive bunch; not. These little footstools for fools have the money and power to change this country. As the inequality gap widens, those with the money can tell us how to live. 
There is an all out coordinated attack to repress the public. Women are at the forefront, they will be beaten back into submission if the radicals have their way. Just this year there have been 303 provisions enacted at state levels to prevent women from having the ability to make their own decisions in personal health care. Healthcare, burkhas, all the same thing. 
This is an affront to all freethinkers. If there was going to be a groundswell of opposition to conservative christianity, this is the time.  

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