Monday, June 1, 2015

The Planet - June 1, 2015

What does it take to be a believer? Humility, love, compassion, and maybe just a little generosity? Hell no.
In the "I pray daily" state of Oklahoma, a family is running from threats received by the good book club. A mother had the audacity to complain about bible giveaways in her child's public school, and as you know, jesus's followers are a bitchy lot. Her son felt pressured to go up front and grab a copy off the teacher's desk; it must be hard to be the only reality based person in the asylum. Easily a separation of church and state violation regardless of what the faithful are whining about.
Regardless, the threats seemingly have forced the family to move. Followers are such a gentle lot.
Just to the south, Texas has decided that pastors need protection. And no, we're not talking about any sexual activities that they more than likely partake in, we're talking about protecting pastors from having to act like loving human beings. Texas pastors will be able to refuse to marry same sex couples, and the bill would seem to allow the medical community to not recognize the unions as well. Yes, the religious community in the United States of Jesus needs legal protection to guard against the atrocity of humans loving humans.
The above stories are not really that amazing though. The south is jesusland and the crazies infest the land like an unkempt restaurant lodges cockroaches. It's a filth that needs to be cleaned. That filth extends it's tendrils across the land dirtying everything it comes into contact with.
In Michigan, an anti-gay pastor lost his job after he was outed for using an app called "Queerly" to find himself someloving companionship. It is always the same story, the most homophobic small-minded humans always partake in what they rail so mightily against. 
The problem doesn't rest on his desire to experiment, it rests on his hypocrisy. 
Back to the south, since nobody does jesus crap better than them. In South Carolina, a private school named Blue Ridge Christian Academy gave its students a "creationist" science quiz. Approved by Answers in Genesis, the proprietors of the Creation Museum, this test is guaranteed to produce a new generation of idiots; which in my mind should be illegal. The photos tell the story, and apparently snopes has validated the crazy.
We know that children have inquiring minds. The only way to raise them christian is to apparently satisfy that yearning with falsehoods and fairy tales. 
Christians are afraid. They're afraid of an ever-evolving enlightened world where the biblical tales of horror are considered to be no more than any other book of fiction. They can see the end game, and that game does not end in a win for the faithful. 
There is no doubt that at an increasing pace Americans are leaving the church. How can one respect an institution that ignores the fact that respect is earned? They are above the law, above morality, and the last bastion of a vile word. No matter how much I may love my fellow man, that love comes with a deep abhorrence of the fantasy that shrouds their religious minds in darkness. 
It is apparent that if the religious will not clean their own house, that if they refuse to admit that they are not above but part of humanity, they can only fail. 
Although there are always more stories to tell, I'll leave you with this horror. Christian parents in North Carolina educated their seven children at home. Always the number once choice of the certifiably insane. Six boys and one girl, apparently not a good mix for the faithful. All six brothers have been charged with raping their sister, telling her that if she told anyone she would go to hell. Apparently the parents knew but did nothing to stop it. When the parents caughtwind of the investigation, they ran to Colorado; didn't help. 
My only thought of the above stories is this; they all know there is no hell, they all know that there is no punishment after death, they all know religion is a scam. They all take advantage of the sickness they spread, and the false respect given.
Religion is a madness, a creeping illness that debilitates the human desire for happiness, comfort, and justice.
I believe in justice in this life, screw anything else.

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