Friday, July 24, 2015

The Planet - July 24, 2015


Christians are a loud bunch, and their desperate cries make there way across the planet. That desperation circles the globe with their laments, desires, and their need to be forever victims. Although islam's cruelty for the moment is in most of our thoughts as they destroy any claim they may have had to morality, christianity is crumbling as well.
I hear the worry, and see the problems first hand, that other western countries see when they look at this country. To have such a warrior mentality bomb, mixed with a fuse that is the overabundance of religion, is scary. Heck, I live here and it scares the shit out of me also.
But these are the cries of the lost, of a forever child that resists maturing into an adult. 
Different states have different characteristics, some very secular, some very religious, and most a mix of sanity and crazy. Conservatives have allowed christianity to take over their politics to the horror of the majority. Christianity, money, and crazy; oh the joy of living in a free country. Well, we're only really free in our own minds.
When I leave Michigan I almost always cross Indiana in one direction or another. This state is the Mississippi of the north, and the crazy has taken hold. The most common plates you see say "In God We Trust." Not the only state, but one that will not let you put "jesussux" as a plate number if you have a different opinion. In states that do this, there are always those who detest combining church and government. There are legal actions pending to allow people to put whatever they want on their plate, a free speech issue, but that will not stop the insertion of religion into every hidden corner theists can find.
The latest, and in my thoughts, sneakiest insertion of religion into local government is in Missouri. Government owned vehicles they are now wearing "In God We Trust" decals. Not just any government vehicle, but police cars.
Now that raises so many problems. It won't be long before a third of this country does not belong to any religious or spiritual group. That's a lot of Americans to mess with. Then if you add non-christian groups, damn, you might be messing with a majority of constituents.
There is also the thought that our laws are not based on the bible, period. So now you have a police force that may be enforcing faulty biblical morality on its citizenry, a police force that gives the appearance that christianity guides their hands. This is in an area where evangelicals are the main religious force, and they grab what they like from both testaments; wonder if they'll close down all the Crab Shacks.
This is a direct violation of the Establishment clause and with any luck someone will sue them quickly. That is if someone is ready to be driven out of the state. Although I know this is one county in one state, the significance of this action cannot be dismissed. I went to the FB page of this police force and noticed all the positive responses from the scared populace of the area. Other counties in the area are being asked by the religious to do the same.
If this catches on and is not immediately addressed by the courts, we could have our own Sharia Law coming to a town near you. Rejoice Sinners!

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