Sunday, July 1, 2012

American Angst
The big news is that the Supreme Court of the United States upheld the individual mandate which is the central piece of the legislation. Basically the entire law was upheld except that states can now opt out of medicaid expansion; that was not a part of the original legislation. 
The expected answers from the conservative governed states is that they are happy they can opt out of expanding medicaid and not be penalized for doing so. The expanded medicaid coverage would allow non-elderly individuals with incomes up to 133 percent of the poverty line to receive health benefits. This would cover another 16 million citizens by 2019. 
Silly conservatives. The federal government would pay 100 percent of the expansion for the first three years and then slowly go down to 90 percent of the cost by 2020 and every year after. Sounds like the cost/benefit ratio for individual states would be good thing, unless you are a Republican.
Mitt Romney's campaign is still saying they'll repeal the law, but if they lose this election they might as well give up on the thought. The benefits of the act will by then be effecting millions of Americans, and they will not want to give those benefits away.
No need to point out the states that are claiming they will opt out. If it is conservative led, citizens will be denied that basic human need; health care.
In a bright moment for FOX and CNN, both reported that the ACA had been overturned by the Supreme Court causing ten minutes of insanity from politicians and talking heads. 
Chief Justice John Roberts has been taking a lot of flack for his decision, by those that are supposedly on his side. No good deed goes unpunished in GOPville. It would seem a victory for conservatives in at least one point. Roberts has gutted the Commerce Clause, which in the long run is something conservatives will embrace.
The Supreme Court has been busy. This week they also struck down most of Arizona's immigration laws. Unfortunately they approved the part that allows officers of the law to check the immigration status of anyone they pull over. Still racial profiling to me. 
The court also upheld their Citizen's United case by overturning Montana's long standing "copper kings" law. There was hope that Montana's rejection of Citizen's United might bring the case back up for review; no joy there.
The tea party controlled house voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt for giving them everything they asked for. Though possibly not as important as the ACA ruling, it is the oddest political story I've seen in a long time. The history behind the pursuit of Holder by conservatives is one long strange road; think NRA and supposed crazy conspiracies by the left to use the issue for gun control.
Education Enemies
Presidential candidate Mitt Romney stated last Wednesday that students should get as much education as "they can afford." Since he supports the Paul Ryan budget plan to cut Pell grants, and he supports profit driven education, students would be wise to be out in force coming election day. If you're poor, you will always be poor since you will not have access to higher education. 
Another defeat for education was the extension of the student loan interest rate. Though it kept the rates from doubling, it will add 20 billion dollars worth of debt for students. Starting this week all federally subsidized student loans will be charged interest. It used to be that no interest was accrued on loans while in school or for a 6 month grace period after finishing. 
This didn't accomplish the goal.
God's Greatest
American Family Association's pundit Bryan Fischer went all in with his latest rant. If you care about the environment, Satan is behind you. Gay rights and abortion, all the devil's doing. Apparently this is a weekly thing for him now, his last rant was that by allowing gay couple to have families we are all supporting child abuse.
Jan Michelson is upset that nuns are riding around on a bus protesting the Paul Ryan budget. His solution? Drag them off the bus and pistol whip them. Shows the lack of respect christian conservatives have for women, even women believers are fair game.
Nuns, get your guns.
Wicked Women
In Mississippi a new law that requires abortion providers to be certified OB/GYNS and have privileges at the local hospital will apparently shut down the last remaining clinic in the state. 
Starting today in South Dakota, a new law comes into effect that will require doctors to ascertain whether she has been coerced into having an abortion, or if she is at risk of psychological disorders. Happily a federal judged blocked much of the law. No 72 hour waiting period and no visits to anti-abortion clinics.
In New Hampshire, Governor John Lynch vetoed a bill preventing late term abortions. That veto has been overturned by the legislature and will become law. Governor Lynch stated there was already a federal law on the books about late term abortions, but the legislative bodies disagreed. Now if a woman's life is in danger from her pregnancy, two doctors must concur that there is a danger. 
In Florida, a woman is being allowed to sue over denial of contraception. The lady was raped. A doctor gave her two emergency contraception pills, but when she filed the report on the rape, officers found out she was wanted. She was put in jail and her items confiscated, including the other pill that she was supposed to take. The next morning she asked for the pill, the guard refused claiming it was a matter of conscience. 
Planet Politics
I will not being doing planet politics very often. I do not think I have the understanding that a native of a certain country would have on local news and politics. 
So, to all of our members who live around the world, if you have a story of interest you'd like to publish, I'd be happy to edit the article and add it to this blog. Language and grammer I will help with, and I will make sure it represents your thoughts correctly.
Thank you!
Neal's Nook

Clenched fists and tight lips
Squinting bloody eyes, brows furrowed in rage
Slurs at your fingertips, frothing at the mouth
Spittle mixed with words, you can’t wait to get out

The passion is fed
Red, red, red; from birth to death
Corded sinews, heaving chests
Until life’s fire is entirely spent

Keep the blood; boiling
Keep sowing the seeds
Keep the discord; flowing
Hate needs to feed

It’s a living hell, a physical torment
Frozen in agony, hair stands on end
Living heat finally cooled
Living fools, better off dead

Frame the words, in quaint terms
Forge the tool, never let it cool
So called leaders, conservative hate
Definitely the feeders, we are unable to sate

Keep the blood; boiling
Keep sowing the seeds
Keep the discord; flowing
hate needs to feed

Your brothers and sisters, your neighbors and friends
Your list gets bigger, it will never end
So called leaders, conservative cronies
Definitely the feeders, we are unable to sate

A conspiracy born, baseless rumors spread
Keeping dull minds fed, blood runs red
Rile them up, spit in their faces
who do you hate, who must go next

Keep the blood; boiling
Keep sowing the seeds
Keep the discord; flowing
hate needs to feed

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