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Angry America
Hat tip to Adriana for pointing out a blog to me on atheist republicans; the gist being how can you support a party who hates you? Though atheism doesn't exactly preclude conservatism, the inherently religious statements in the republican platform would make it seem to be a match more likely to be found in a mythical hell.
State by state conservatives have platforms that are meant to establish god as truth. In Iowa, besides the anti-science plank when it comes to the environment and the anti-women's health issues, they also want to reframe education. Yes, evolution is not a fact and creationism should be taught side by side. They want the books supporting the nonsense in publicly funded libraries as well. Interesting enough they intend to help that thought along by downsizing the Iowa Department of Education and eliminating their federal counterpart. 
You can look at each and every state's republican party platform and read the same nonsense, It would be impossible for me to be a republican since so much of it is based on falsehoods
Their National Platform isn't any better. One line says it all:
"We ask all to join us in rejecting the forces of hatred and bigotry and in denouncing all who practice or promote racism, anti-Semitism, ethnic prejudice, or religious intolerance."
They lump the religious thought with easily discernible ones; of course a person should not be judged by any of the above, yet religion's creed has always been one of intolerance. Is this statement meaningful or confusing? Liberals for the most part agree with the basic message against intolerance, but we do not ignore the fact that large privileged right wing religious groups whose intolerance for race, women, ethnicity and gender preference are apparent. 
The right's obsession with groups that they don't agree with getting "special" privileges is a twisted reality; what all those groups desire is the benefits from rights that are already in place.
In a weird twist, the Secular Coalition of America has hired a conservative, Edwina Rogers, to help build coalitions in all fifty states. Looking to unite atheists as a voting block by hiring a conservative who knows how to twist the truth with the best of them seems absurd to anyone who relies on facts to make their personal decision.
Apparently she's looking to recruit secular republicans, but to be fair, she is also involved in keeping religion out of health care, education and policies that discriminate because of religion. 
Gay endorsements for conservatives are as bad as atheist endorsements; possibly worse. GOProud describes its members as gay, yet three out of the seven board members are straight. GOProud has endorsed Mitt Romney, two out of the four gay board members went for Romney and all three of the straight members.
Presidential politics continues the grind. President Obama announced his plan on immigration. Conservatives fight back by attacking Attorney General Eric Holder. Childish.
What is interesting about the contempt charge, is that it doesn't matter whether they get the paperwork or not. Congressman Issa said House Republicans would have to see the documents before delaying or canceling a contempt vote. “We can’t have a promise that we’re going to be satisfied and dismiss this contempt,” he said.
Well, no need to give them the paperwork then.
Health Hypocrites
South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has vetoed a bill that would have allowed vaccinations of seventh graders against a cancer causing sexually transmitted virus. HPV infection, no problem. Though at one time supporting a mandate for the vaccination, she has now decided it is better politics to fight reality.
We know that there has been a battle between the Catholic Church and the administration going on over contraceptives. What I find interesting is their view on why conscience is important. They relate the civil rights movement with women's health issues as if they are one and the same. The civil rights movement was a religious movement according to them, which is of course a hard thought to accept; we know what the bible and other musings from history say about slavery. I guess it's a subtle form of rewriting the bible one more time.
The statement that says it all is this:
"This is a matter of whether religious people and institutions may be forced by the government to provide such coverage even when it violates our consciences." 
I must give them credit for the subterfuge. Combining "people" and "institutions" as if they are one and the same; does an institution have a conscience? Then there is the "forced" to provide;  another nice framing of the discussion. It is all about them, not you. 
The Catholic Church is a willing participant in spreading more than mental diseases. This month they were outraged that a lesbian employee sued St. Joseph's Medical Center. What is it that this woman would want? The same rights as heterosexual couples. 
Childhood Cancelled
This is one of those subjects that should aggravate any caring human on the planet. The Senate passed the Farm Bill, which cuts 4.5 billion from SNAP. Basically SNAP is the newer term for Food Stamps. This will effect a half a million low income Americans, because you know, those people are freeloaders to begin with. 
This is significant in two ways. Besides once again taking away needed assistance to the poorest of us to give to the billionaires, it effects the moral constitution of this country. It reduces the monthly benefit for families by 90 dollars. For some of us, 90 dollars may not be that big of a deal, but to a growing population of impoverished humans, this is a big blow.
Next time you hear about a CEO making a shit load of cash, think; 90 dollars. A 4.5 billion dollar subsidy cut for the wealthiest corporations on the earth would not make a difference in their lives, while 90 dollars goes a long way in helping feed a family.
Once again, a fetus is worth so much more than a child. 
Liberals supported the bill, and it did have a couple of progressive causes added to the bill. 
Jerry Sandusky was convicted of 45 child sex abuse counts. The problem with this case is that it is not over. Sandusky is a criminal, doesn't seem to be much doubt about it. The problem here is not only Sandusky, it is an entire institution. How many people are involved in the coverup is the story line.
But even that doesn't get to the root of the problem; greed and power seems to be always at the center of perversion.
Planet Politics
Egypt has a new leader, President Morsi. The Muslim Brotherhood will now lead the country, kind of. Apparently it really didn't matter who is the president, the military still is in control. 
Greece shows us that politics is generally the same in western countries. The strong divide in ideology and the excessively bad behavior is unfortunately getting commonplace. Most of us have seen the clip of Ilias Kasidiaris throwing a tantrum on live television. Then he raised tempers by saying he was going to sue the victims of his attack for provoking him. As far as I can tell, he is still in hiding.
Very conservative people really are angry.
Pakistan has a new prime minister, Raja Pervez Ashraf. Apparently corruption and other problems may make life tough for the gentleman. 
Turkey is upset with Syria, as the rest of the world is. Syria has formed a new government, with all the old faces; not much help. Turkey's dismay over having one of their jets shot down could open the door for military intervention.
Final Fixation
The Death Penalty
Killing is for the weak

an eye for an eye

thinking people are freaks

death doesn’t make them complete
Bitter because life is not just

they have lost, now so will you

won’t bring back the loved one

won’t heal your heart
An eye for an eye is cruel

leaves us with blinded fools

compounds the crime

adds another death rhyme
From unwilling hands of mine

that dole out another dime

to torture and kill

a citizen possibly innocent
Hang your heads in shame

because you’re part of the blame

doesn’t make it right

doesn’t make it good
Doesn’t mean you should

because you have the power

doesn’t mean you have the right 
it creates a moral blight
Stay that hand of might

think of the legacy you leave

stay the hand that’s built on fright

think of all the bereaved
Most have children and families

you kill a father you create another

you kill a brother you shame another

you kill a son you kill a daughter

You all cry out for death

as long as it isn’t one of yours

you demand death

as long as it isn’t one of yours

you need death

as long as it isn’t one of yours
A faulty thought of thinking apes

extinction would be better

a sickness never cured

religion warps our matter
Humans die daily
children wail in loss
sick minds killed at birth

may satisfy your need
Now we kill the defenseless
the same as any killer
it feeds on our thoughts

death and loss
Did it bring back your mother
or maybe a lover
there is no satisfaction
only false righteousness
You all cry out for death
as long as it isn’t one of yours

you demand death

as long as it isn’t one of yours

you need death

as long as it isn’t one of yours

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