Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm an Atheist

For those who enjoy listening: I'm an Atheist.mp3

I'm a lover not a hater
I'm a savior that's not a faker
I'm a pusher 
for the future
and yes
I'm an atheist

I'm an anvil for morals
just begging for a hammering
I'm a creator 
not a destroyer
you know
I'm an atheist

I'm a feeler for all creatures
a champion for my cousins
a blasphemer
and an instigator
and damn right
I'm an atheist

I'm a shiver in your river
a wake in your lake
a caretaker
of the earth
and proudly
I'm an atheist

I'm a singer, I'm a writer
I'm a poet on a pulpit
a wordsmith 
lacking myth
talented and
Yes, I'm an atheist

I'm words without censors
I'm a changer getting bolder 
I'm the asker 
and the answer
and yes
I am an atheist

I'm like mace in the face
to the theist and his priest
no trouble
popping that bubble
I'm an atheist

I'm a blight on their fight
a drought on their thoughts
a brawler 
and a fighter
and damn right
I'm an atheist

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