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The Planet - September 22, 2013

Keeping the insanity "real," the House GOP decided that the honorary position of "science laureate" was just too damn useful for them to support. The initiative was stopped. An unpaid position that's only purpose is to promote science across the country is just way to damn subversive for these cave dwelling tea party members of the house. Their thought is that science is political, which of course it is not; scientists would say the same things no matter who is in charge. An anonymous high ranking house member stated, "fear and ignorance, it's what we're all about." Not really, but someone might as well; the truth is evident.
In Kansas, Governor Brownback had promised on the campaign trail that he would reduce poverty. Besides the amusement that one might get from any conservative saying he cares about the plight of American workers, it was an out and out lie. The state hit a new high in child impoverishment in 2011. Policies that were instituted by the crazy man has had their desired effect, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer.
For better, or worse, atheists are sticking their noses into politics. A political action committee has been created that will spend its money on either atheists, or at a minimum, those candidates who will support the separation of church and state. 
House republicans voted to cut $40 billion from the food stamp program. Only conservatives can hate fellow Americans so openly without retaliation. Republicans think that an average of $138 dollars a month is way to generous to feed the starving. For these bastards and their caviar covered filets, shit on the shingle is way too good for the poor.
FOX helped out by passing around videos on "The Great Food Stamp Binge." Fraud and waste has been proven to be less than 1 percent of the program, but the fiends from FOX perverted that data.
This is where one would normally see a horrible image of a starving child, but apparently no child is starving in the U.S. First I tried searching for "starving children" images on google. I didn't want to put up another photo of an African child starving; we've all seen them. I wanted starving white children. The only ones found are black and white photos from the early 1900s, or maybe even earlier, or old eastern European images. Then I tried American starving children, still very few photos of white children, and again when there were, they were old black and white photos. Then I tried U.S. starving children, same basic results.
Apparently, every white child in this country is fat, dumb and happy. Congratulations America.

Our friends in North Carolina, those tea party statesmen that have done all they can to restrict voting rights, mandate arms carrying in playgrounds, and all other whacky dumb fuck shit, has decided to ban a literary classic from school libraries. "Invisible Man," a Ralph Ellison classic that won the National Book Award in 1953 about social conditions surrounding blacks, no longer has any "literary value" according to old white conservatives in the State. We'll see about this.

library aide was fired in upstate New York for having a library reading competition. One child kept winning, because you know, some of us like to read. The Director of the library, who apparently was fired as well, started the controversy because the young one winning the contest every year was involved in "no-good-dirty-rotten-book-stealer." Apparently this dimwit thought the winner should be chosen at random, because you know, that encourages reading.


They finally fired that police chief who liked to make videos of himself shooting weapons while talking about "fucking libtards" and anyone else he's hating at the moment. Just think, that guy probably has a legal permit to carry firearms, and he hates everyone who disagrees with his moronic viewpoints. Jump him if you see him and kick his ass before he starts shooting is all I can say. Self-defense for real.
FOX reflects on the real problem of gun violence. Increased institutionalization. They must never listen to the real news.
In my lovely state of Michigan, ten minutes from my home, 2 men got into a crazy road rage battle while driving. They were both legally carrying weapons. They pulled into a car wash parking lot, got out of their cars, and started firing those weapons. Both are dead. That's what everyone is missing when it comes to the gun control battle, normally sane people can get pissed. It used to be you would take a swing at someone, now it's the O.K. Coral in every little town in the country. Rage is never in the equation when discussing the legality of carrying instruments that serve one purpose only, killing.
Guns are not for defense, running and ducking for cover is defense. Again, guns are made for one purpose only, death.

A very small town in disrepair attracts white supremacists. Leith, North Dakota has been falling apart for years; what better haven for a bunch of knuckle-dragging neanderthals to inhabit. This is America, where we allow freedom of hate. The townspeople aren't that happy about the prospect of a takeover, especially, as you can imagine, there one and only minority citizen. Only 24 people live in the town, I think they're in for a battle.
Then there's the idiocy that follows all things non-white. Our new Miss America had the audacity to be born of Indian descent. Oh no you don't. This is one of the best Bill Maher monologues I've seen, he hits the nail on the head when it comes to American's new pastime, hate. Read it or watch it.

We all need a chuckle now and then, thanks Snoopy.

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