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The Planet - October 28, 2013

Kentucky kind of sucks, for atheists at least. When the state came up with their 2006 homeland security law, it contained the following statement: "The safety and security of the Commonwealth cannot be achieved apart from reliance upon Almighty God as set forth in the public speeches and proclamations of American Presidents." This law has been overturned then reinstalled upon appeal. Twelve months in jail is a possibility for the reason crowd. American Atheists are once again trying to overturn the crazy.
For some fundamentalists, not kicking their children's ass legally is an abomination. Tea Party crazy Mark Meadows hates contraceptives and he hates protections for children. He introduced a "parental rights amendment" that has 64 supporters in congress.Compulsory education for children? No thanks. UN Convention on rights for those with disabilities? Not any time soon. The stupid hurts. 
Ted Cruz, the evangelist Canadian who was a prime mover in shutting down our government and destroying our economy, appears to be one of god's favorites. According to Ted's father, Ted has been anointed to bring about the "end time transfer of wealth," whatever that means. I don't think this action needs saintly guidance, transferring wealth from the wicked to the righteous believers would seem to be fairly subjective. If we cannot rid society of these parasites, we are doomed.
Sam Apple helps with the bible, revisions are always good. A little bit of humor for the atheist in your life.
One short sound bite for atheism and morality; no thank you. An atheist group in South Carolina, the "Upstate Atheists," offered to help out at a local soup kitchen. Christians think that charity only comes with religion, and to a certain degree they are right. Preachers rely on charity, which is why they preach it. Con men, nothing more. Basically, you have to have the morals of a stone aged ignorant fuck to be allowed to help the needy. Once again, christians show that morals do not exist in their world.

Hey, you need some supplements to keep that body rolling? For those who eat food, no supplements are normally needed, yet this industry grows because of people's lack of reading skills; it only takes a few minutes to google nutrition. Well, if your one of those who think these natural healthy supplements to eating are good for you, then take your nice contaminated little pills. I guess rice filled, unregulated bullshit makes the delusional happy.
After you get sick from taking supplements that don't help you, you can always turn to alternative medicine. I mean, fighting illness with quackery is on the same level as taking unneeded supplements. Money money money, is there anything more important in life? About the same as twirling around three times while scratching your head and rubbing your belly all at the same time. Cured! Good luck with that.
The Healthy Farmland Diet says grow less corn, grow more diverse crops, help the nation's health and the environment. Just from that statement, this will be a no go. Healthier air, water and soil is not something that Americans want. In the first place, reading is so tedious. I mean really, you want Americans to spend ten minutes a day learning something? Get real fools.

This story everyone has heard by now. Three boy scout leaders destroy what nature hasn't been able to do in 170 million years. I only mention this again in case you didn't catch the interview with these assholes. One gentleman said he "was saving lives." Where do we get these people? Keep the immigrants, ship out conservatives.
I stay away from talking about food choices that we make, but still, the facts can not be ignored. We destroy lives, including our own, by consuming more meat than our bodies need. Take a break once in awhile and live longer and healthier. Meatless Mondays is a campaign that is still spreading and hopefully will be good for all populations. Eat meat if you feel the need my friends, but try to get some veggies in you once in a while. Live as long and healthy as you can.
Climate Change is always in the minds of those that, once again, read and think. This article talks about extreme climate change effecting the tropics before the arctic. So long tropical plants and animals, humans have decided you need to die.
Politics is something that we dealt with in the past, now it's just an excuse for culture wars; I am starting to really hate the fools running my country, but, here we go.
There is actually a few good things happening. In Wisconsin, tea party Governor Scott Walker had to endure a recall election. He destroyed unions in the state while funneling money to his big money supporters. Apparently there is aninvestigation dealing with the recall election. Separate investigations convicted six former Walker aides. One county that was under investigation now has spread to five counties and it's all leading up to Walker. That would be nice. 
Continuing in Wisconsin, the Court holds state officials incontempt for enforcing anti-union laws. That's another big one. Wisconsin and many of the Great Lakes and Rust Belt states were once very pro-union. The latest crop of tea party governors have tried to destroy those unions. 
In Texas, a conservative judge switches parties. He finally figured it our, the GOP is the party of racists and homophobes. Thank you for thinking sir.
Back to stupid. U.S. Representative Renee Ellmers, another fine pro gun conservative, has an AR-15 stolen from her home. She's a staunch advocate of gun owners. She thinks that gun owners should be "responsible for the use and care of their weapons." Well, after target practice, a gun was left unsecured and was stolen at her home. Nice.
Conservative leaders needed some "expertise" on the implementation of the ACA, which as everyone knows is having problems. They picked up John McAfee, well known for his anti-virus software. He's also well known as the guy who after selling the software, moved to Belize and kept himself amused with teenage girls. His neighbor complained of the noise, and was subsequently found shot in the head. McAfee fled, was grabbed in Guatemala, then sent back to the states. Conservatives always find the best of the best, eh?
One thought on the ACA website problems. I watched the same thing happen while I was with the feds. When we needed new equipment, the federal government would hire outside help, but they worked under the government's thumb. We had a new system and software worked on for over a half dozen years before it was implemented across the country. Was awesome. Then, they contracted out my whole section, and the new company's equipment and software didn't work worth shit. After four years, it still didn't work. It's what you get with small government my friends.
What better costume for Halloween than maybe a white dude donning some black face? Well, I can tell you. Throw some blood on his shirt then have some other dip shit wear a neighborhood watch shirt and fashion a gun with his fingers and point it at black face's head. Oh yeah, theZimmerman outfit. A lack of scruples, a lack of morality, a lack of decency; yeah, we Americans are exceptional.
When it comes to the bullying debate, Fox news has the answer. Anti-bullying policies limit conservative free speech. The only thing right about this thought is that bullying comes from the conservative parts of the country. I might finally agree with these gentlemen; you guys are right, conservatives are the bullies. Little pussies hiding behind false rage and false morals. Thanks for the heads up Fox, we know how to deal with bullies.
Apparently marijuana will become legal everywhere in the states soon. Almost sixty percent now support legalization. Finally we can get the crime off the streets, regulate who can buy, and grow our economy. I'm tired of the prohibition. Kids can buy a bag a weed on the school ground within minutes, yet can't wash it down with a beer. That's because alcohol is regulated. 
If you want some history with your Halloween, Live Science has you covered. Most of us probably know more than we need to about the pagan origins, but still fun. Apparently pagans have more fun than christians.
Rush Limbaugh, who is always talking about how liberals are making us a country of pussies, has decided to move that attack to the National Football League. Maybe it's because they wouldn't allow the racist to co-own a team, but maybe it's just because Rush doesn't have anything real to talk about. The NFL wearing pink for breast cancer awareness was too much for the old fuck. I think he may have gone too far this time. Maybe he doesn't realize that in real life, not like on his flat screen, these guys are giants. Motor mouth better start running.
In reality, if anyone is stealing our manhood, it is this clown. A bully, nothing more. He encourages people to rant and rave, to hate and deceive; he is the one who is helping the decline of morals in the states.

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