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The Planet - June 13, 2013

god's greatest
Religion continues the full court press when it come to defending imagination from reality. Though mixing sport metaphors, the only good defense would be to close line the bastards as they try to move their cause forward.
The attacks come on so many fronts it can be bewildering. Here are a few of the latest infringements on a Secular America, and a Secular world:
In America, religious corporations are merging with independent hospitals. MergerWatch is stating that once a religious entity takes over said hospitals, they are run using religious doctrine as their guide, not by scientific findings. In Sierra Vista Arizona, pregnant women having c-sections were denied tubal ligation because their hospital had joined a Catholic health system. Hey, maybe we need faith based medical care for everyone for a year or two. Well, that'd probably only last a week or two before the whiners were tossed out.
In our hospitals, and in our schools:
In Wisconsin, the voucher program is more than 20 years old. There was a thought that privately run schools would do a better job, but after a couple of decades this has proven to be false. No problem though, Tea Party favorite Governor Scott Walker and his conservative legislators want to expand the program from the Milwaukee area to the rest of the state. The voucher program has been, and still is, the religious right's way of dismantling our secular public education system.
Crackheads around the country embrace the takeover. Disgraced Representative Michelle Bachman's radio host buddy Bradlee Dean ranted about christian parents having no excuse for having their kids in public school. You know, that horrible International Baccalaureate program is only a global scheme to take away our guns and to indoctrinate students into embracing homosexuality. Yeah the dude's a rusty piece of work, but unfortunately, there are those who think he's correct.
Though we know that the voucher program is also a way for those so inclined to get a hold of the billions of dollars that flows through the education system, it is also the easiest way to subvert secular education. In Colorado, the Court of Appeals ruled that the "Choice Scholarship Program" does not violate the prohibitions against public funding for religious institutions, even though 18 of the 23 "private partner" schools are religious. More and more legislation is seen in states across the country that subvert education. Bobby Jindal used ALEC's model legislation to create a massive voucher program that would privatize public schools in his state. Nice.
Freedom From Religion goes after Liberty High in Pickens County South Carolina. They've had numerouscomplaints about violations referencing the separation of church and state. Valedictorian Roy Costner tore up his school approved speech and recited the lord's prayer. What do we learn from this? Well, according to Mr. Costner, no one locally has a problem with religion in school, so why not do it. What an excellent thought. Ignore the law if it doesn't fit with your views on the world. Let every fucking pot smoker out of jail then asshole. I know many areas where no one has a problem with it, yet it is still the law. Oh that's right, it's only about you and you want to be treated special.
So far the religious hasn't started to blatantly kill non-believers in the U.S., (except for a few doctors and nurses, but I guess they don't matter), so sorry that's not true around the world.
Blasphemy in the world:
In Syria, a teenager was executed for blasphemy. Someone overheard him supposedly saying that "even if the prophet mohammad comes down (from heaven), I will not be a believer." Apparently the young man was executed in front of his parents. Oh, for the love of god.
In Pakistan 16 people are on death row for blasphemy convictions and another 20 are serving life sentences.
We should add to the quote, "for god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son," the following: "of course, he hated man and slaughtered all of our sons."
Well, what else have we got. I loves me some Pat Robertson, why not?
Pat takes on whatever Pat wants, and no one sane listens:
Pat, the southern baptist nutjob, links demonic games like Dungeons and Dragons to suicide. Such a compassionate man, he's like a loving god in the flesh, all fire and brimstone and other crazy shit. Poor guy was angered by the Jets shameful treatment of Tim Tebow, and knows that gays in the boy scouts will destroy the organization. Accommodating the few kids who want to have sex with each other is horrific, demonizing them much better.

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