Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Planet - April 4, 2013

The Mad Skills Of Mighty Mortals
We are Mighty Mortals, and we are Mad. The "mighty" part is easy. We breathe, drink and eat, ignoring the final moment of our meandering lives. With mad skills we debate, we love, we friend; for most of us, we have no real fears. If there is fear, that experience is provocatively engineered; keeping us distracted, keeping us worried, keeping us busy. We exhort the subject matter of the day like there is no tomorrow where we will end. Working, playing, loving, laughing; no worries for us. Squabbling like children at the playground, too many of us never grow, never mature. We play games with life so we feel alive.
Yet none of this has anything to do with reason or thought, which is why our skills are so mad.
Mad skills belong to the preacher, who distracts thoughts of reason with platitudes and lies. Befuddling our minds with nonsense, a dream that our minds relate to. A falsity of why and where we are, a mind numbing diatribe of foolishness that keeps our minds off of our short existence. Keeping progress under lock and key, keeping us at odds with our humanity as we kill for nothing but a figment of our imaginations. A skill so depraved that it enslaves our children's minds so no future exists that embraces peace, only poverty enslavement and death. Exchanging kindness and love with depraved righteousness. A skill so demonstrable, that humans kill not only others, but themselves. In acts of either madness, or sacredness, depending on the storyteller, we destroy instead of build.
Mighty mortals latch on to their favorite religion. Never minding that they believe every other religion is phony; because theirs is different, it is real.
We insist that our grand scheme of life forever is better than all the others. In religion, in everything. At a friends house, I am corralled into watching one of the many reality shows that clog up the airwaves. We know they're made up drama and scripted and have nothing to do with reality, yet he says no, this isn't like the others, this one is different. It is the best. Well, no it isn't. It's the same nonsense. Just like your religion is the same nonsensical crap that wounds other lands. None of it is great or real in any sense.
Mad skills of imagination we do have.
Mad skills belong to the politician, who warps the events of the day. Who can change the mind of a constituent with a well turned phrase. Who can take a subject that we all agree upon, and make it seem as if there's a needed opposing view. Who can anger the masses with a sly twist of words, who can move their nation into a direction that no citizen really wants. Riches and fame, not statesmanship, is the goal of the governing party. Only self enrichment matters, you do not.
What mighty mortals we let them become. We can't tell the difference anymore. Your local politicians might as well be the newest and greatest advertised fitness regime. There is nothing there that is special, nothing different, nothing needed. The expectations of grandeur never are realized, yet it is forgotten in a moment. Here's the next greatest ruler, the next better mousetrap; here for your perusal and consumption.
You will like it.
Do we have atheist conmen as well? I'm sure there are nonbelievers aplenty taking what the rubes willingly give. What mightier mortal is there than one who knows reality, and takes advantage of those who do not. How simple to copy the prose of a preacher to fill your pockets. It does take work, but is only a puzzle that the mind begs to solve. To live knowing only one life exists, to enjoy it to the the fullest by taking what is others; this would seem to be an avenue that probably has been, and perhaps, possibly should be, travelled.
Atheism doesn't seem to say much when you think about it. One point, and one point only; the supernatural does not exist. It doesn't tell us to live a moral life. It doesn't tell us what we ought to be doing. That one point may hopefully lead to a better human, but what if it does not?
Critical thinking and philosophy seem to focus more on what we should be, instead of what we are not.
The mad skills of mighty mortal atheists might need more focus. We know what is, but do we know what can be? Will only not believing really change anything?

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